Apply for Ecowas Job Vacancy – Abuja, Nigeria

Apply for Ecowas Job Vacancy – Abuja, Nigeria

Ecowas is currently recruiting persons to fill in the available job positions, if you are suitable for this job kindly read the instructions conveyed below to register.


Under the supervision of the Director General Administration, the Principal Procurement Officer will be responsible for all procurement related activities and contract management within ECOWAS Commission and its Agencies and Offices under ECOWAS Budget or donors funded Programmes and Projects.


  • Manage the affairs of the Procurement Division;
  • Develop and manage implementation of Procurement Plans ;
  • Provide day-to-day active technical support and advice to all Departments/Directorates/Agencies/ and Offices relating to procurement and contract management, at all stages of the procurement cycle in line with ECOWAS Procurement Code and its Manual;
  • Ensure application of relevant provisions of the Grant Code and its manual for the management of Grants within all ECOWAS Institutions;
  • Ensure application of relevant Donor’s Guidelines for project related procurement of construction works, goods and services;
  • Coordinate the Preparation of Procurement and Monitoring Plans for ECOWAS Commission procurement activities;
  • Supervise the implementation of Procurement and Monitoring Plans for ECOWAS Commission procurement activities and maintain a complete and systematic set of records of day-to-day business transactions;
  • Coordinate the evaluation of the efficiency of the procurement process and propose modifications in the policy, where applicable;
  • Coordinate the preparation of standard Procurement documents (guidelines, manuals , standard bidding documents , standard contracts);
  • Advise Departments on the drafting of Technical Specifications , Terms of Reference (Tors) ;
  • Coordinate the elaboration of specific procurement documents, i.e; Bidding Documents , Request for Proposal (RfP) as needed;
  • Develop staff training policy in terms of Procurement for ECOWAS Commission/Agencies and Offices regarding institutional purchases;
  • Design and prepare materials for Staff training on institutional purchases (procurement);
  • Coordinate all evaluation processes in line with criteria set up in the bidding document for contract award as well as the Procurement Code;
  • Formulate strategies and design innovative solutions (where necessary) to resolve issues/conflicts for complex procurement projects;
  • Coordinate the preparation of procurement yearly and quarterly reports;
  • Coordinate the preparation of the working program of the Division and the budgetary estimations for the procurement of services, goods or works for ECOWAS Commission/Agencies/Offices;
  • Monitor and report budget implementation as well as progress of procurement activities;
  • Publish the information concerning purchases in local and international business circles;
  • Develop and manage a database of Suppliers/Service Providers/Contractors for the ECOWAS Commission;
  • Monitor the implementation of activities by consulting firms and/or contractors or service providers;
  • Keep track of orders and determine causes of any delays;
  • Coordinate the preparation of monthly progress report , including comparison between planned (as per the terms of the contracts) and actual progress (documented through the invoices), and identify delays and recommend remedial actions;
  • Monitor progress of contract implementation to ensure adherence to stipulated standards, procedures, and planned procurement timetables;
  • Monitor commercial issues and draft correspondence and notices, as well as ensure appropriate record keeping for use in substantiating future claims;
  • Collaborate closely with ECOWAS Commission User Departments in the supervision of contract implementation to ensure adherence to contractual agreements, as well as recommend amendments and extensions of contracts, and advise concerned parties on their contractual rights and obligations;
  • Monitor the implementation of contracts in collaboration with the Finance Directorate as regards to the agreed payment terms.

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Apply for Ecowas Job Vacancy – Abuja, Nigeria

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