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CBN COVID-19 Loan for Household/SMEs (CBN Loan Application portal 2021)

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CBN COVID 19 Loan for Household (CBN Loan Application portal): The CBN COVID 19 Loan Application is given for the intervention of COVID 19 vulnerable in the country.

Household application is currently closed, however, the SMEs application is still ongoing.

To apply go to the website via

CBN COVID 19 Loan for Household (CBN Loan Application portal 2020)

The Central Bank of Nigeria instituted the N50 billion COVID-19 TCF  for households and SMEs to mitigate the harsh economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic currently in the country.

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As we write, thousands of Nigeria have already applied for the loan and according to a statement issued by the Director, that all loans approved will be disbursed 48hour after approval of the CBN COVID 19 Loan.


Currently, the CBN Loan Application portal is open for entry and thousands of applicants have already applied. 

In this article, I will show you how to apply for the CBN COVID 19 Loan for Household and SMe. 

Firstly, we would like to look at the type of business that is acceptable, kindly note that the industries listed below are not limited and should not be weary if your industry is not listed. 

Acceptable Businesses for the CBN Loan Application portal Entry

  • Agricultural value chain activities,
  • Manufacturing & Cottage Industries,
  • Artisans,
  • Services,
  • Trade and general commerce,
  • Renewable energy or energy-efficient products and technologies, and
  • Any other income-generating projects as may be prescribed by the CBN.

Requirements for the CBN COVID 19 Loan

Listed below are the requirements for the CBN COVID 19 Loan application for SMes 

  • Registered business with CAC
  • Evidence of tax payments
  • BVN
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Passport photo of you and guarantor
  • Valid ID card

CBN Loan Application portal 2021 (How to Apply)

Below are steps you should take to apply for the CBN COVID 19 Loan.

  1. Firstly, visit NIRSAL microfinance website via
  2. Locate Household or SMEs
  3. Click on Apply button
  4. Fill the application form and submit 

Meanwhile, it is important to know that the steps you took above are the first step, once your application is approved, you will be contacted to verify your BVN through the website thereafter, you will acknowledge the receipt of the application.

Conditions for necessary for the CBN COVID 19 Loan Application

  • Flexible and moveable collateral options shall be
    admitted and registered under the Collateral Registry
  • Forfeiture Undertaking and Power of Attorney
    agreement to be signed by the customer, giving NMFB
    rights to take over pledged assets in the instance of loan
  • Insurance cover on the asset financed or asset availed
    as flexible collateral, with the NMFB noted as the first
    loss payee.
  • Loan amount must match loan repayment plan and
    loan purpose.
  • Domiciliation of proceeds with NIRSAL Microfinance

kindly check my homepage for how to apply for Household.

If you have any questions regarding the CBN Loan Application portal 2021 kindly leave a reply and an Admin will reply to you in a short while.

174 thoughts on “CBN COVID-19 Loan for Household/SMEs (CBN Loan Application portal 2021)

  1. Well by given people loan in Nigeria the government is really trying to help in the development of the country and above all it’ll eradicate unemployment issues and also reduce the level of crime

  2. I’ve not receive any message from you guys till date, and i applied for more than 3 weeks now. So i’ll really appreciate it if you get back to me. Thanks

  3. Can one apply for COVID-19 loan and CBN AGSMEIS loan at the same time, is it possible? What are the benefits to the applicants? Is it a problem to apply for both of them? Is there any punishment to the applicants?

  4. It’s almost two weeks since I accepted my covid 19 household loan offer, I have done that needs to be done, I have visited their branch office twice and given them all the information they need, till now they have not transferred my money from the NMFB account to my personal bank account.

    1. I Want to ask on the condition of collateral and evidence of tax payment: 1.How many Nigerians can provide collateral to get the CBN loan?(It means only the rich will continue to be rich which may not set the country free from insecurities). 2.Some of our firms have not been working for years due to closure of many companies in the country, how do we now have proof of Tax payment?

  5. Thank you sir for kind gesture, I have received the approval ,and i Summited my bank details even though i give my name instead of the bank, my name is STAMBIC IBTC , hope for your usual consideration.

  6. I do not know if your loan is just for a set of people. I applied for household loan online and I tried to submit but i always I received a message that the maximum number of applicants has reached. I am confused. Please, advice me. Thanks.

  7. Please I got an approval message since last two weeks, I have accepted the loan but they are still sending me messages to login in and provide my other account when I went to nirsal office in ebonyi state,they ask me to open account with them with the sum of 5000.please what I do?

  8. I got a message last night to provide another account, I don’t understand. I have accepted the offer and enter my bvn since last week Wednesday

  9. I have applied for the household with business name, adescom global ventures, and I have sent what they require of me. Statement of account, collateral and statement of salary account of referenced household to appropriate email of nmfb over 2 months now, no response from them.

    1. I applied, through Microbank,In really, I am awaiting for my Grantor to sign for me and summit,to the Agent that it’s stand for and deliver to you. Because We have a Company.We need the financial baking,to rebuild the company.And we have all the necessary documents to Help

  10. Staying home has been the worst thing ever,no Income,no money in my account, and I need to start my business, but my own money has lots because of denger dises that is covid -19.
    And feeding has been hard,
    Please and please help my family’s and I need #500,000 naira to aboub In my account please and I thinks here is my account number details : 2119944303
    Zenith Bank .

      1. I applied since April and I forwarded my bank statements a day after i received the request on o7/05/2020 to forward the bank statement, but still my loan is not approved, my colleague have already gotten their own

        1. I have applied for the loin for sme and household as a worker in the local government council until now no approval.toniruksproduction 10128_75763.zenith approval.5000000.i can pay back na small thing

  11. Sir I have applied since 21st of may-2020. I

    received an automatic message that they will contact me later, since then I have not received any other information. Please sir I need your assistance in this regard. Thank you and GOD bless.

  12. Actually my is just to appreciate you guys efforts, I aso want
    to appealing and solicits for remember some of the application not to be left out, and also give a due consideration, I applied and they sent through my email saying that they have received
    my application and they we will get back to me, and uptill now I did not heard from them, but according to your statements you mentioned here, it was done batch by batch, I will be patient but not to be patience, may the Lord renew you guys strength, bless you all,.

  13. Good morning Sir/ma ,what is still going on with my loan been credited into my account. Have filled all the necessary documents which I asked to fill and yet my money hasn’t been credited. The last stage i fill says my account has been updated successfully. Please kindly help me do something to it. God bless you, God bless Nigeria. Stay safe.. and safe life’s.

      1. Pls the message you sent to me is not for me please check very well, my is that I can not even apply I was told I can no longer apply that the form have closed

      2. If you want to check whether your loan is approved or not just click on to this link you’ll see two columns provided, the first column is for SMEs and the second column is for Households. Just click on to the one you applied for, insert your BVN and validate, you’ll see if your loan was approved or not

  14. I have been filled all the form in a legal process within the week but there was not any response immediately after fourth eight hours following my applied at all please, might i where is the failure was happen with the applications it has accursed for inorder to knowncorrecting which the righteous to rectified it well for me please.

  15. The response I got was that the maximum people have responded to the form upon trying to submit after filling the household form.Can you pls help me out with any information?

      1. Hello Sir. Is it only those that have an account with NIRSAL MICROFINANCE BANK that will be credited?

        Or will they also credit is from our commercial bank accounts since we provided our bank details?

        Thank you as I wait for your reply…

        1. You don’t need to have an account with NIRSAL MFB to get your application approved. You will be asked on what to do once you are eligible for the application.

  16. Good morning! Please I received a message that my loan has been approved since on the 9th of June which I accepted the offer and provided my account details but since then I have not been credited. Please any hope and assistance?

  17. Thank you for the information. I have filled the application form but can’t submit. A notice from Microsoft will appear stating that the maximum number of persons accessing this form is reached. Please I need your assistance. Thank you

  18. I received an alert of 430,000 through NMFB but not reflected on my bank account. I asked to download NIrsal Microfinance bank on my phone which I have done. I was then asked to provide my account number and phone number but NMFB was not giving any account number, I only saw four last digits number on the alert.
    My questions:
    1. How would I get the account number to access and retrieve my Money?
    2. Or is that not the real way to get the money?

  19. Hi Am oready Applying and fill the form since seven days but still now there not approve me please you held us to get that loan because our business going down I need something to to improve my business, thanks you all

  20. I have since registered as a household and also successful created account with the NiRSAL MFB about a week ago but my account has not be accredited. What should I do?

      1. Good evening sir, when l checked my application status, it was stated that, there was an ERROR when my request was being processed. What does that mean sir? Thank you

  21. I received message to verify my bvn after you approve my loan with #500000 since last week wednesday but since then you are not credit my account. Please what is expectation know

  22. I applied correctly for #3000000 under household since 27th May 2020, and it looks like you are attending only to applicants with #500000 and below. Please what’s my faith because am deeply affected negatively by this pandemic. Should I reapply?

  23. I have filled the form about 2 months ago. I received a message a week ago that I should verify my BVN. Since then I’ve been trying to do so but I always receive an error message that says “an error occurred while processing your request”. What can I do about this?

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