Giftal login – Registration (Giftal News in One Place)

Giftal login option allows you to login to your giftal membership account, The reason I am writing this article is to address you that that there are two giftal news website.

You can not register for one Giftal News site and be expected to login to another giftal news website. I believe you should be familiar with the environment. The Giftal Login speaks for it self.

You cannot access Giftal Membership account if you login to the wrong Giftal community. The command you will get will be “Unknown username. Check again or try your email address.” If after multiple times you keep getting this error message and you are certain you have carried out Giftal registration before. Then I would suggest you take two steps approach. 

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Firstly try changing your password, if that did not help, then you should know you are at the wrong giftal news communinty page. And secondly check the page and move out to the right giftal platform.

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Giftal Dashboard

The giftal dashboard allows you to access your membership account, monitor daily activities and see accumulated earnings, this is the section that also allows you to share sponsored post and earn from it.

It is advisable to always access your Giftal dashboard so you wouldn’t loose out of any trending post and bonuses available for registered members.

Giftal News Daily Reads

Giftal login page also allows you to access the giftal news section which is part in giftal community that allows you read daily news on the website, share, and make comment on post and other user’s comment. You get paid reading news on giftalforum see how to Join Giftalforum and earn 50k weekly.


Typing Giftal Login on google is at your own detriment, like I have said above there are two website with the name, so try get farmiliar with your and understand the environment so you wouldn’t get lost online.

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