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How to Start Rice Distribution Business in Nigeria to Make Millions



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In this post, I will teach you how to start rice distribution business in Nigeria to make millions. You might be thinking that is it never possible to start rice distribution business in Nigeria, allow me to bring to your acknowledgement that it is feasible to make millions of Naira from rice distribution.

Rice is the most consumed staple food in the whole world. This shows that any rice-related business anybody invests in; whether rice farming, rice hulling service, or wholesale distribution of rice will definite have a ready market for the product or services.


How to start rice distribution business:

Furthermore, in order to start a rice distribution business you will need to get the following things in place;

A Supplier:

A person or organization that provides something needed such as a product or service. This should preferably be a rice farm because as the wholesale distributor, you need to buy from a source where you can get the rice in very large quantity and at the cheapest possible rate so that you can still make profits after spending for the logistics involved in getting the rice from the supplier to the retailers.


This is where you store some product. Most times, you don’t get to sell of the whole bulk of supply you get at once to the retailers because there may be times when the market demand may be low, that is when you need a warehouse to store your rice until you are ready to ship out to retailers.

Capital: This involve finance in the business, every business need capital to grow. To become a wholesale distributor, you need to buy in very large quantities from the rice farmers and sell in smaller bits to the retailers; so starting a rice distribution business requires much capital.

Transportation: Here, you will have to move your product from place to place. As the distributor, you may have to be in charge of transporting the rice from the rice farm to your warehouse or delivering it to customers when orders are placed. You may need to get few trucks to handle the distribution process or you can strike an agreement with a logistic company to take care of the transportation process.

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