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How to Verify my inksnation Account with BVN, NIN, Code, KYC, Link



How to Verify my inksnation Account with BVN, NIN, Code, KYC, Link

This article contains a guide on How to Verify your inksnation Account with BVN or National ID Card for children. I believe you are here because you probably have issues on how to verify your Inksnation account.

The only official website of inksnation is

Inksnation Account Verification with BVN is Absolutely FREE. The Verification is to make sure one person is tied to one account only and to comply with CBN financial law.

How to Verify my inksnation Account with BVN, NIN, Code, KYC, Link

Why Do I have to verify my Inksnation Account?

You will need to verify your inksnation account for various reasons.

  • To have full access to the Accounts
  • To be able to transact with the Accounts
  • To have access to Daily and monthly IBsalary
  • To comply with CBN Financial policy and many more

How to Verify Inksnation Account for End Users

  1. Login into your Inksnation‘s Account
  2. Click the “KYC/AML” button close to the Living Node Reserve
  3. Select The State You are and you should be able to see list of certified Exchangers
  4. Visit the Exchanger closest to you and he or she will be able to verify you free of charge.

How to Verify Inksnation Account for Exchangers

  1. Firstly, log in into your Inksnation‘s Account or Wallet
  2. Click the “KYC/AML” button close to the Living Node Reserve
  3. Enter your KoboPay Payment Code
  4. Upload Image of Receipt from KoboPay
  5. Upload any Valid ID card
  6. Select verification type when filling KoboPay
  7. Type in Your Office or Shop Address (Full Address)
  8. Type in Your Local Government
  9. Type in Your Phone Number
  10. Submit

How to Verify your Inksnation Account with BVN, NIN, Code, KYC, Link

  1. Login to your Inksnation account via
  2. Enter your Inksnation login details (Username & Password)
  3. Once you successfully log in, your Inksnation Dashboard will open
  4. Click on KYC and enter your BVN details
  5. Click Save, that’s all.
  6. For children who don’t have BVN yet, they will wait till the upgrade is concluded so they can be verified using the National Identity Number, NIN.
  7. Make sure that your BVN number is correct. After making payment, don’t just close the page, wait patiently for it to verify.

Deadline For Inksnation BVN Verification

The inksnation BVN verification will commence November 12th and it is expected to last for as long as the inksnation ledger exists. Anyone who does not do the BVN verification cannot have access to the coins.

If you have any questions regarding insknation verification kindly let us know through the comment section and we would reply you in a jiffy.

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