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Updated: How to Become an Inksnation Exchanger (Pinkoin) The Inksnation official website 2021 is currently, the site was formally built on and the letter switched to and Well, from our research we have discovered that everyone you use still takes you to the same portal.

The official website to Inksnation is


However, for validation purposes, we would recommend you stick to the new and updated domain which is Sign in | Inksnation official website 2021

The management of Inksnation has urged all his users to use the new site domain for all its transactions, the printing of Pinkards and more.

Inksnation is said to be a Gobal Human Asset Tokenization and will commence fully in March 2021.

Inknation Human Asset Tokenization

Humans are represented on the InksLedger Blockchain as LivingNodes with a Universal Wallet Address (UWA). Each LivingNode is tokenized at a minimum asset value of $800,000 worth of PinKoin.

Global Currency Reset

All 180 sovereign currencies will be upgraded to a Human Asset Backed Currency e.g HAT$, HAT£, HAT₦.

Distributed Reserve Central Bank Digital Currency

Central Banks will run Federated InksNodes which will upgrade the country’s currency into a Distributed Reserve Central Bank Digital Currency. Commercial Banks will also run Private InksNodes.

Universal Basic Income Scheme

All LivingNodes will receive a minimum of 0.04% from his or her $800,000 tokenization on the InksLedger Blockchain as Universal Child Basic Income.

Inksnation Salary Payment Crypto

Governments can program their National Salary System on the InksLedger Blockchain to ease the effect of COVID’19.

Strategic global Abundance Monetary Policy

The Human Asset Backed Currencies are built on Strategic Global Abundance Monetary Policy which will strengthen all currencies and bail their Nations out of debts.

Coin:- Pinkoin
Blockchain:- InksLedger Blockchain
Consensus Alg.:- PoL + PoAI
Hashing Alg.:- SHA-256 Sign in | Inksnation official website 2021

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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