Join Splash Income and earn 50k weekly – See How it Works

Splash Income is an online community website that pays users for liking, comment and posting articles, the community aim is to empower Nigerians who chooses to seize the opportunity to warm their pocket and smile to bank weekly.

Splash Income is owned by a young Nigerian Entrepreneur and registered under the corporate affair Corporation of Nigeria thereby giving them a license for his initiatives.

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The community has so far empowered more than 100,000 Nigerians who get paid 25th of every month. Splash Income community is aimed at establishing a sustainable network where users will have no option than to quit their physical jobs and take part fully into the scheme.

Splash Income forum is profitable and suitable for whoever that wish to take advantage of the online earning opportunity, the platform creates a channel for participant to earn extra income from home with its easy to use the network.

You can make between ₦10,000 – ₦50,000 when you understand the concept and perform activities daily.

The community has said to have paid out over 7 Million Naira to his registered users from 6th December 2019 to 15th January 2020 and the community is still growing daily.

In this article, I will highlight all the benefits, scope, processes, procedures and how to start making money with just your smartphone internet-enabled devices. The information included in this guide will show you all the necessary guidelines and ways to increase your earnings in Splash Income community.

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Join Giftalforum and earn 50k weekly Join Giftalforum and earn 50k weekly Join Giftalforum and earn 50k weekly

Splashincome let you earn money by reading news online, sharing article daily on your social media account, liking comment and interacting with the website. How true can this be? Well, they say “a trial can be worth”. Visit to read the frequently asked questions on Splash Income program.

Requirements to Join Splash Income Community

  • You will be required to pay a lifetime token of N2,000 only
  • You will need an internet-enabled device, just like the one you are using now to read this article
  • You free time

How to Join Splash Income

To join Splash Income program, kindly visit the official website on,  On the navigation bar, click on Register.
After successfully registered, your account will be automatically activated and credited with N1000, and ready to make your first N5,000 by sharing an article and making a comment on a post. You see, you have nothing to lose, just your first day, you have realized your capital.

How to Earn on Splash Income

  • Once you Sign up, you receive a bonus of ₦1000
  • Reading News earn you ₦5
  • Commenting on News ₦5
  • Sharing any news on the site, you earn ₦2
  • Daily Login bonus is ₦100
  • You Earn ₦100 for Sharing our Daily sponsored post
  • You Earn ₦100 for sharing our Daily Campaign Advert.
  • And Earn ₦1,500 for Referral Bonus.
  • You Earn ₦500 Airtime for Alert Testimonies with the Best caption

Where does Splash Income get the money they pay users?

Every day there are a lot of campaigns going on the internet; businesses are being promoted, ranging from entertainment, food, fashion, politics and many more to mention.

These people are looking for ways to promote their businesses and status quo, they pay publishers to promote their business and brand on their websites, Splash Income is one of the publishers that get paid to promote businesses.

Her interest is to remain alive and be a sustainable agency. So they also share their revenue with users to keep the site up to date. They pay their users 90% of their revenue share and keep just 10% for suitability and maintenance.

Join Splash Income Today and you will be glad you did. Follow the link to get started. See you at the top and we warm our pocket with smiles on our faces.


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