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Npower 2020 Foreign Applicants (in US, Canada, UK or other Country? See Details)



Did you receive a Message to Confirm Your Npower ID? Here is what to do

Npower 2020 Foreign Applicants: The Npower 2020 Registration is set to commence at midnight today 26th June 2020. 

I believe at this time, many applicants must have put things in other. In case you don’t know, the only official website of the npower 2020 registration is

You should not use any website other the one stated above, also Npower will no ask you of money. The application is totally free and hence you should not fall into the hands of fraudsters. 

Npower Batch C Recruitment 2020 (See how to Apply Online)

We decided to write this article because we have received several emails from our readers in diaspora asking if they can apply for the Npower 2020 Registration that is about to kick-start and so we want to answer a few of the questions in this article.

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Npower 2020 Foreign Application is not an issue not to handle but the definition of the Npower initiative spelt it out.

The programme was initiated by President Muhammadu Buhari in 2016 with a vision to curtail unemployed graduate in Nigeria and to fill in some loopholes in our education, health, tech and other related areas.

To apply go to

Npower 2020 Foreign Applicants: The vision is centred to Nigerian youths and to serve in Nigeria. If you are leaving in abroad, there is no way you can apply and work from there. However, if you planning to return home you may probably apply for the Npower 2020 application and return home before the shortlisting begins.

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