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Npower registration 2021 was initiated to help curtail the rate of unemployment in the country, The scheme was created and led by the Buhari Administration to empower Nigerian youth and help remove them from the street.

If you want to apply for the Npower registration 2021, then you are on the right page. Here in this article, I will highlight the pre-requites and documentation you need in other to rightly apply for the Npower programme.


Every bit of information regarding Npower registration 2021 is contained in this guide and so you are encouraged to not skip a line. Meanwhile, you should consider subscribing for more information that matters to you.

However, in-depth information regarding the Npower registration 2021 is contained on the official registration site of the board. But, I am going to reveal the Npower requirements and you should do if you want to be successful in the application.

We are quite aware that the Npower Batch A and B have been concluded and all plans to disbursement Exit package are being put in place. So, if you are among those categories you are good to go and we advised you to make use of the fund effectively, take a look at Npower Batch A and B Exit package to learn more.

This post is basically for Npower Batch C applicants. As of the time of making this post, the Npower Registration 2021 has been concluded.

However, we have decided to put this article down to address some issues as regards when Npower will open a fresh application. This is to answer the pending questions we have received so far and so we want to address them here.

Firstly, for those who applied for the Npower Batch C program and have carried out their thumbprint, congratulations as you are ready for the next stage which is deployment. Meanwhile, we have equally received messages from applicants who missed the test and somehow missed the thumb printing stage.

Please, kindly note that if you successfully carried out the Npower registration 2021 and have missed any of the above, we are afraid you have missed out. Now asking if Npower Batch D registration will come out.

The answer to that question is NO. YES! We mean No when we said NO. However, there is a stream 2 application. Those who were not successful are called to apply for the Npower registration 2021 stream 2. We would provide more updates concerning this in our subsequent updates.

For emphasis sake, It is very important to be aware that the Npower Online registration for Batch D has not yet started, except for stream 2 which is set to commence for those who are interested to apply for the Npower registration 2021/2022.

As at the time of making this post, from sources gathered, the Npower stream 2 registration will soon be opened for application to register.

What is Npower Registration Portal 2021?

The Npower registration portal 2021 is, interested applicants should visit the link to learn more about the information contained here.

To register for the Npower official website, you will have to get an active email address and a valid bank verification number alongside relevant educational certificates, and other important credentials. Also, you will have to provide your passport photograph in a clearer view and must be in portrait form.

As of the time of writing this article, the Npower Portal closing date is not yet announced, once they do so, we would take out time to inform our readers.

What is the Requirement for Npower Registration 2021?

The requirements for the Npower application is outlined below:

  1. Passport Photograph
  3. HND/Degree certificate
  4. Valid email address
  5. Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  6. NYSC Discharge Certificate

Meanwhile, the Npower stream 2 registration will announce any moment, and once they do we would do well to update it here on SearchNGR for our readers to be notified.

When is Npower Registration Stream 2 Starting?

Believed we have answered this question above, however, the Npower stream 2 registration will commence soon, currently, the exact starting date has not been announced. Immediately the registration portal is open for the new intake, this article will be updated, so bookmark for easy reference.

Similarly, you can always visit the official Npower registration portal to check for the latest updates and news regarding the ongoing Npower recruitment 2021. For now, we have joined our hands on deck to keep you updated as our ears are alert and to dish out the right information any time at your fingertips.

Other Npower Registration News?

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For more updates and information regarding the Npower registration 2021, please feel free to leave a reply using the comment box below and any of our team members will get back to you in a short while.

We wish you all the best in your endeavours, Cheers!

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