Amazing Online Jobs 2020 (hotnigerianjobs How to Apply)

Online Jobs 2020 has been unveiled and I believe reading this article you will now get yourself prepared ahead of the task. 

In this article, I am going to reveal to you hotnigerianjobs that are available online to apply in 2020. I also believe that when you are through reading this article you will get to realize that there are a lot of hotnigerianjobs available online for you to apply this 2020.

Online Jobs 2020 (hotnigerianjobs How to Apply)

Often times we complain that there are no opportunities out there giving flimsy excuses to cover our inability to get up and work or rather cover our ignorance. 

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It will please you to know that there are lots of online jobs in Nigeria for you to apply, the only difference between now and then is information, and because you lack information or prior knowledge about these opportunities you may just sit down there thinking there is none.

“Being self-employed means you work 12 hours a day for yourself so you don’t have to work 8 hours a day for someone else.” – Oliver Markus Malloy

In 2009, I was browsing online searching for online jobs in Nigeria, online jobs in Africa and bla… bla…. bla….. It got to a point that seems as if my search for online jobs isn’t progressive. But guess what, I never quit, I continue the search until I came across one online jobs that I keep doing till date.

Meanwhile, I thought everything was scam hearing these opportunities never knew there are real hotnigerianjobs online.

Today, I will be writing on top 10 hotnigerianjobs, what I tagged Online Jobs 2020 to begin.

Top 7 Online Jobs 2020

Below are the top seven online jobs 2020 to start in Nigeria either as an undergraduate or a graduate.

  • Blogging

As simple as it may sound blogging is one of the most lucrative online jobs 2020 you can start, with your computer system, mobile phone and internet connection you are good to begin blogging. As a matter of fact, the most essential requirements for blogging are abstract things. When I say ABSTRACT I mean it. You need time, consistency, persistence and patience.

Also, as it is in the physical world, so it is in the online world, you need these things to keep pushing forward and if you want to be successful in the field, you will need to exercise what I have written above. Remember! Patience they say pays a great dividend.

The two most popular place to start your blogging career includes WordPress, the most popular content management system and Blogger which is owned by Google Inc. World most popular and powerful company existing.

  • Affiliate Marketing 

According to Jack ma, Alibaba makes an approximate daily sale of 213.5 billion yuan ($30.8 billion). This means there are huge potentials to selling on this website. You can seize this opportunity, It will also, interest you to know that most of the products you see in all these online eCommerce websites are not particularly that of the owner of the website.

Do you know that you can be a vendor and make a huge profit by selling your products on these popular websites? This is an online jobs 2020 opportunity you need to consider. Don’t dull, be apt and you will soon join the entrepreneurs’ hub.

  • Vlogging

Vlogging simply means Video Blogging, but often shorten as a vlog. According to Wikipedia Vlogging is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television.

Furthermore, I believe you have come across a website such as YouTube and more, these video websites allow users to stream videos online. These videos that are accessible by users are uploaded by vloggers. Most of the videos are monetized and they earn a minimum of $100 monthly. 

You can utilize the power of PowerPoint to create videos or download video editing software to get started with your career.

  • Online Instructor

You could be a college student or a graduate and thinking that every other person out there is doing great too, the truth is that most students and employees out there are looking for ways to profer solutions in their academic research, some are eager for knowledge and want to expand their skill capacity. 

You may have what it takes to give out this knowledge, consider taking an online course, I remember in my pursuit to making money online, I got this great idea from one of my mentor who coached me and advised me to do so. I took up the zeal and since I am a professional in blogging, I decided to start teaching others how to blog online. My social media accounts were not for fun but for business. I made a profit!

You can visit code academy to start teaching today from the comfort of your home and you will not regret you did.

  • Freelancing

Writing is one of the most integral parts of life, everyday people are looking for writers to help increase their business sales, journals, novels, newspapers and more and published every day, some of which get tiring and employers need more hand to help increase their potentials. 

These employers are looking for writers who could fill that vacuum for them, some of these companies pay as high as 15-20 USD per hour. There are a lot of freelancing websites that you could register and get started with. Furthermore, you can visit FREELANCER to get started.

Upwork is another great place to start with, there are about 10,000 and more jobs posted on Upwork monthly. You are just a single click away from becoming a freelancer.

  • Graphic Design

Do you have the relevant skills to explore the designing world? Graphic design is an act of communication through the use of typography, photography, and illustration. Every organization needs a logo for the brand, banners, stickers, flyers and more are some of the word needed to be customized to fulfill their mission.

If you are graphic designer, you have what it take t start making money online. The online jobs 2020 are not limited to these ones stated above. However, this are the major online jobs that pays at ease.

  • Forex Trading

For a variety of reasons, governments, central banks, companies, institutional investors and individual traders exchange foreign currency, like managing currencies, promoting international trade and tourism, or making a profit. Every day there people trade currencies online, predicting the outcome between one currency and the other. 

Forex trades throughout the week 24 hours a day and offers a lot of potential profit due to the leverage provided by forex brokers. Forex trading can be extremely volatile and substantial sums can be lost by an inexperienced trader.

So, you need competent skills to trade in the forex market. The Forex world is risky but attending a training, seminar or two may add skills to you.


As far as “Online Jobs” are concerned, we live in the best time there ever was. Many companies are established online and more and more companies looking for competent skill sets to help them increase their business capacity. 

The Online Jobs 2020 above are just but a few of many of them, people also work from home as a virtual assistant, data entry, sales representative and many more. 

Finally, with your internet-enabled device, you are sure of earning from these online jobs stated above. (See more from the video below)

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