Score 250 Above in JAMB UTME 2020 (Top Secret Revealed)

Hello everyone, your coming to this page is not by chance or by mistake, I believe you saw the title before clicking to view what content it contains.

That alone means you’ve shown some level of optimism, I want to reassure you that by the time you must finish reading this article, you will not just come out with higher score but will also garner some level of confidence and enthusiasm to further prepare for any exam, interview and what a view.

Firstly, I’m a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB ICT Institute, during my studies at school I choose to figure out my “Why”. The reason why am in school and what my future would hold.

Because I had vision and aspirations to be a better somebody today and tomorrow I need to add more effort to my studies? But How?

I cultivated the habit of reading with timetable, I had to spend an approximate 48hours studying each course before the preceding lectures. This was a secret I unravelled to conquer my fear and I was always ready for exams even though I am an advocate of real-life practices rather than read and passing exams.  

Well, you may be different from mine, whatever the past mistakes are, you are not going to remain stagnant because you have seen this article today, I urge you to follow the guidelines I will state belove.

The first thing to do in other to score 2050 above in JAMB UTME 2020 exams is to understand JAMB itself, learn the requirements and guidelines from its resources available. Obtain the JAMB Brochure for 2020. JAMB brochure shows you a list of courses offered in various institutions, their JAMB subject combination, as well as O’level and Direct Entry requirements.

If you choose the right course with wrong subject combination, you have failed automatically, this means you will have to re-write JAMB next year and add more money to JAMB pocket. So, you have to study to show yourself approve.

The second action you need to take to score 250 above in JAMB UTME 2020 exam is to study her syllabus. The Jamb syllabus shows you the recommended textbooks, topics and hints you should major or concentrate your studies on. 

You don’t need to start reading the whole textbook, is like running a race that has no end. Focus is the only key for success, so you need to have focus and understand what you are in for. Getting the JAMB syllabus for each subject will add more value to you because it will create a focal point of view for your studies. See all JAMB subject Syllabus

Don’t Joke with this English Book

  • Sweet Sixteen download now and A1 (English Textbook) get them and start reading

Factors that influence your JAMB Score

  • Time

You have to be at the centre on time, take a walk, take some water, adapt to the environment, and rest. Once you are at the venue, you must talk less, instead, meditate on the things you have studied.

  • Fear

If you allow fear to engross you, you have failed already, because at that point your mind is absent. You have to develop confidence and avoid fears, utilized it and make it your strength. Fear is the beginning of failure, if you are scared of the exam the exam will be scared of you and you both will unleash terror!

  • Confidence

When you lack confidence for yourself you end up being a failure. Confidence is a piece of paramount machinery you should harness. When you have confidence in yourself, you will have no doubt and doing away with doubt is a stepping stone for success.


A stitch in time saves nine, be prepared and know that the exam you are about to write will determine your admission to tertiary institution. So don’t play with it. 

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