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When is School Resuming in Nigeria 2020? Get the Latest Information



When is School Resuming in Nigeria 2020? Get the Latest Information

When is School Resuming in Nigeria 2020 is one of the most asked questions currently on now on the search engine? This is why I have decided to write this article to clear the air.


When is School Resuming in Nigeria 2020? This question has so far hit deep into the mind of students around the country especially now that nobody knows the next agenda of the Federal Government of Nigeria. 

When is School Resuming in Nigeria 2020?

You will recall that as at last month, schools in Nigeria were supposed to resume on October 26. 

However, this did not take place due to the rise in the current COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, speculations have spread throughout the social media perpetuating rumours that Schools in Nigeria might open around November 2020.

Similarly, some have stated that “When is Schools Resuming in Nigeria 2020” should be the question of the day.

Also, individuals have believed that schools will resume in 2021. All these and many more are speculations and rumour circulating social media. However, none of this is true and hence, I urge you to desist from such rumours.

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The Federal Government of Nigeria through the Nigeria Education Board has disclosed that students should prepare as ASSU may resolve issues with Federal Government in the next meeting scheduled to take place on Wednesday 18, 2020.

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus in Nigeria, all school have been shut down except National Open University which is known for her online activities.

It is a good thing to ask When is Schools Resuming in Nigeria 2020? But, it is also important to be aware that most tertiary institution in Nigeria has begun giving lectures online through its dedicated students portal.

Meanwhile, it is not clear yet to know if online lectures will be given to the schools whose lecturers have embarked on strike. However, if you are a victim of such, kindly contact your school authority to know if they are open for online lectures.

When is School Resuming in Nigeria 2020? Get the Latest Information

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