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You can make up to $15 Daily on User Testing (See how to Get started)



1K Giveaway! Drop your Account Number (We would pick randomly)

Do you know you can make extra income online? I will be teaching you several ways by which you can earn money but in this article, I will discuss a platform called User Testing.

1K Giveaway! Drop your Account Number (We would pick randomly)

How it works

I am going to explain to you guys how you can make $10 per website test and $15 per mobile user test.

I have long been searching for an easy way to make money online with my very busy schedule and I finally found usertesting about 4 months ago. I register to be a website and app user tester at

You will have to download their screen and voice recording software. Then they will give you a sample test which is very simple just make sure you speak loud and clearly explaining for you see on your screen and what you expected.

You are paid $3 for this sample test. After submission, your sample test is reviewed and within a week UserTesting will inform you through an email if they accept you as a tester on their platform.

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After you are accepted it is important that you log into your dashboard so whenever there is a test available you can take the test because it is first come first serve. And there is a limited number of participants per test. I will like to explain the 3 types of tests that offers. They are:

Requirements to get started

Website Test: You basically explain and test the functionality of websites. You are provided with instructions to follow. You are paid $10 per test unless indicated on each test.

App Test: You will have to download the usertesting app for android or apple and then you can take app or mobile website tests on your smartphone. You are paid $10 per test unless indicated on each test.

Webcam Test: After you have done about 12 normal tests you qualify to enrol in the webcam test. I enrolled in the webcam test and received an official webcam from usertesting about 1 week later.

You basically just have to set up the webcam and focus it on the screen of your smartphone while you scroll through the app or website. You are paid $15 per test unless indicated on each test.

How to Get Payment 

Users are paid through Paypal! Registered as USA but I was able to tell using the Hola VPN and was able to register. Just make sure you set your country to the USA, UK, or Australia.

No, I didn’t make use of IP changer. No need to make use of voice changing software use your normal natural voice as long as you speak normally and clearly you will be paid. The website pays through PayPal.


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