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How to Connect your Aqua Protocol Wallet with Nomis Score App on Telegram



How to Connect your Aqua Protocol Wallet with Nomis Score App on Telegram

The Aqua Protocol Telegram mining app has released an update regarding the aquaXP Project. According to the Aqua protocol team, to be eligible to receive the airdrop, users must connect their wallet with Nomis Score app, this is to enable them detect and ban users with multiple accounts and bot.

Aqua Protocol has partnered with the on-chain reputation service Nomis Protocol to ensure a fair distribution of AquaXP tokens among users who farmed Aqua points. This collaboration aims to provide additional protection against manipulation and bots, ensuring transparency and equity in the distribution process.

Steps to Secure Your AquaXP Tokens

Participants need to follow these steps to claim their AquaXP tokens:

  1. Visit the NOMIS Protocol Bot
    • Access the NOMIS Protocol bot through the provided link.
  2. Press the Large Button
    • Click the prominent button in the center of the bot’s interface.
  3. Connect Your Active Wallet
    • Ensure the wallet is active and connect it to the bot.
  4. Calculate Your On-Chain Score
    • Follow the instructions to calculate the on-chain score.
  5. Prepare for Transaction Fee
    • Ensure the wallet has at least 0.2 TON for the transaction fee.
  6. Mint Your Score as an SBT NFT
    • Mint the score as a Soulbound Token (SBT) NFT. The first 1 million mints are free, with only the transaction fee required.
  7. Link Your Wallet to AquaProtocolxyz_Bot
    • Link the wallet containing the SBT NFT score from Nomis to @AquaProtocolxyz_Bot to finalize eligibility.

Additional Rewards and Bonuses

Additional rewards and bonuses are available for participants:

  • Eligibility for AquaXP Tokens
    • Only wallets with an SBT NFT from Nomis Protocol will be able to claim AquaXP tokens.
  • Score-Based Rewards
    • Wallets with a score above 40 will receive more AquaXP tokens through a multiplier. Wallets with scores below 40 will receive tokens based on their earned points.
    • Minting the score using the link in this post grants additional points from NOMIS in the farming application.

How to Check if you have successful connected the SBT NFT?

Open your Tonkeeper and check collectible, this is applicable to other wallet, you will see the photo below:

How to Connect your Aqua Protocol Wallet with Nomis Score App on Telegram 1

Important Deadline

The deadline for completing these steps has been extended to July 16. Participants are encouraged to act quickly to secure their AquaXP tokens and enjoy the benefits of a transparent and fair distribution system.

Aqua Protocol emphasizes transparency and fairness, ensuring that every participant is rewarded accurately and equitably. This final mandatory condition solidifies the commitment to a fair distribution process.

Meanwhile, if you miss out on Aqua Protocol, you can start mining Hamster Kombat, kindly go to: to begin.

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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