Jamb Portal Login – eFacility Dashboard (2022)

Jamb Portal is an online platform that allows students from all around the globe to access information regarding the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Examination and resources.

The board created the Jamb website so that students can ease off the hustle and bustles of going to a physical address to get the jobs done. The importance of the Jamb Portal to our contemporary world cannot be overemphasized.


Today, in this article, you are going to learn how to explore the resources that are available on the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board official website popularly known and called “JAMB PORTAL“.

The reason we have decided to put down this article is to answer most of the queries we have received so far regarding topics such as change of course, institution, the printing of JAMB results, and many others.

After reading this article, you will certainly find reasons why the Jamb portal is important and why you should use it most times instead of visiting the Jamb CBT Centers across the country.

The table below will give you a highlight on what to expect on the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Official website known as the jamb portal. If you still have questions at the end of this post, please feel free to contact us via our email at searchngr24@gmail.com.

Why Jamb Portal?

The reason the portal was created is to enable students to carry out basic tasks that are needed to be done instantly, for instance, students can check and access their results on the portal, do a change of course and institution, carryout regularization, and in most cases change their admission status.

Accessing the Jamb Portal

To access the jamb official portal, you will have to visit the URL at https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/ on the homepage of the site you will find useful links such as buttons to check UTME main examination and notification of results.

There are other cards that are displayed on the homepage of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Official Website, they include cards that allow you to print result slips, check admission letters, make corrections of data, apply for cancellation of illegal admission, retrieving of JAMB registration number and also make an interuniversity transfer.

How to Login to your Jamb Dashboard?

In other to have full access to all the features available on your JAMB dashboard, you will have to make use of a personal computer (PC), by personal computer I don’t really mean you must own one, I mean you should use a computer system, this will enable you to find the dashboard relevant and convenient to use at your disposal.

You can also make use of a mobile device to access the jamb portal, however, there are certain privileges you may not enjoy, that is why we are emphasizing using PCs. Meanwhile, you can still carry out another minor check with your mobile device.

To login to your dashboard, you just need a device and an internet connection just like the one you are using now to view this page, then proceed to https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility../ and enter your login information. The login information was generated during your JAMB profile creation, you can also check your email if you have lost yours or request a password reset.

Accessing your Results on the Jamb Portal

One of the most popular activities carried out on the Joint and Matriculation Board official website is the check of UTME results. However, most students still do not know how to check their UTME results on the platform.

On that note, there are easy ways now than ever you can seamlessly access your results even past results from the 2000s. Having accessed your dashboard, navigate on CHECK UTME RESULTS.

The UTME Results checking costs a token of One Thousand Naira only (N1,000), this can be paid using any of the payment gateway being provided on the site. Similarly, you can visit any physical bank branch close to you to make payment after generating your RRR code.

How to upload Result on Jamb Portal

There are a few steps you can use to upload results on the jamb portal. Firstly, you can upload results on the Jamb portal by simply visiting any accredited JAMB CBT Centers across your region or online via triplegltd.com, meanwhile, if you live around the metropolis of Abuja and Nasarwa, you can walk to Suite 29 Pulaku Plaza, Old Karu Road, Nasarawa to get directions.

Secondly, you can also upload your result on the database by going to JAMB Official headquarters at Bwari, Abuja. However, to avoid stress, we recommend you simply use any of the two steps stated above unless otherwise.

Is Jamb portal open?

Yes, the Jamb portal is open at all times, it is online and not an offline platform that closes for the day. The portal is open 24 hours and never runs out unless there is a system maintenance and in most cases, it comes back online after a few hours.

Check jamb result with registration number on Jamb Portal

You can check the Jamb result with the registration number on the official jamb result notification site. All you have to input is your JAMB registration number. Also, you can use your email address in this section to check your JAMB Result. To learn how to check your UTME Result using USSD Code for the offline approach.

JAMB Result Code Checker via SMS/USSD

The Jamb result code to check your UTME result is 55019. To check your result, you will have to send an SMS to the number. E.g. Send RESULT to 55019 and you will receive an instant response showing you your scores. To print it out, you will have to follow the online approach.

Why JAMB Original Result?

The Jamb original result is available on the Official jamb portal and it bears your passport photograph and JAMB scores. The result is usually required to be submitted at the point of screening in your chosen school of choice.

The Original result will be used as documentation for any school that has given you admission. Remember, there is a notification of result, this is only for your consumption and temporary, as it is not generally accepted in most institutions.

The major difference between the both is that the original carries your passport photograph and the latter does not, however, both can be found on the official jamb portal website.

How to check my admission status on Jamb Portal?

You can check your Jamb admission status on the Jamb official dashboard or using the Jamb Caps approach. When you log in to the site, locate check admission status from the left sidebar and click check admission status, this will take you to the official JAMB CAPS portal where you will be able to accept or reject any admission being offered to you.

How To Accept Admission on JAMB CAPS Portal

Simply follow the 5 basic steps to accept your admission if given to you on the jamb official website.

  1. Go to JAMB efacility
  2. Log in with your jamb profile email and password
  3. Navigate to Check Admission status, this will take you to JAMB CAPS
  4. Locate Admission Status on the JAMB CAPS
  5. Click Accept Admission

Congratulations, you are on your way to entering the high institution.

Jamb Portal 2022 registration

Please, kindly note that you can not carry out JAMB registration on the Official portal. The only thing you can do before going for registration is to utilize the portal by creating your JAMB Profile both online and by dialing a unique number to get the digit code that will be supplied at the point of e-Pin purchase.

When is JAMB 2022 Registration Starting?

Jamb 2022 registration will start on February 12, 2022, interested applicants should be aware that this date is not precise and based on assumptions due to the research being made before drafting this content.


The above subject matter is related to the basic information a student needs to understand about the Jamb portal official website. We would include more information, links, and guides on this post if we get one from you. Kindly share this post if you find it important to other students.

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