Reasons FG Can’t Provide Permanent Job For Npower Beneficiaries

Permanent Job For Npower Beneficiaries – In today’s post, we will be discussing the reasons federal government can’t provide permanent job for Npower beneficiaries. keep reading!


Reasons FG Can’t Provide Permanent Job For Npower Beneficiaries

According to the Federal Government, the cry for permanent job from npower batch A and B has been so loud, but why can’t the federal government provide permanent job offer to npower beneficiaries?

Right from the very start, the program was design for applicants to participate for some duration of time as required from the federal government to applicants.

However, the program as been considered as the single largest post-tertiary education recruitment in Africa, the npower program was introduce to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.

Over 300,00 existed applicants have interest in the npower program. The program was design for youth to develop their skill and learn new trade skills in other to be useful in the labour market.

The federal government aim is to provide opportunities for npower volunteers for some duration of time, so that after their program, they can startup their business and become productive to the society at large.

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