Update on Nexit (Npower) Password Change Message, Here is what to do

Npower Nexit have started sending messages to nexit applicants telling them to reset their password for further registration.

To further continue your registration, kind visit https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng/auth/forgotpwd

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According to the board who took to their twitter handle to inform the public wrote:

Dear Batch A&B, Please reset your account with the “forgotten password link’. Endeavor to complete your registration on the NEXIT portal. Regards.

Kindly note that this information is specifically for the who cannot gain access to the site. For those who can access the website do not need to go through this process.

However, if you are among Applicants who were unable to complete their Registration because along the line, they forgot their password then you should reset your password as contained in the message. visit https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng/auth/forgotpwd to reset your forgotten password.

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