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How it Works

On you are sure of making up to N50,000 weekly if you decide to take the action step.

When you write posts, you get paid in cash directly deposited into your local bank account. 

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How it works

Welcome to SearchNGR News Pay Platform, The only site in Nigeria that pays publishers cash for doing what they love. We give out free data and pay Cash to our members on a weekly basis just by writing news on SearchNGR. 

How to Earn

With SearchNGR News Pay Platform, the participant earns Cash base on activities performed on his or her post daily; activities such as impression and views on articles, user engagement and post with the highest like for the day.

Who can participate in SearchNGR News Pay Platform?

Virtually anyone can participate as long as you need an additional source of income, Please note that SearchNGR News Pay Platform is not a Get rich quick Scheme course or MLM. We operate based on user activities on articles. 

How Much We Pay Per Post View?

We pay N0.042 per article view, For example for level 1 registered writers 

  • Total number of clicks for the month = 500,000 clicks
  • Value of clicks = N0.042 per click
  • Monthly Traffic Fee = 500,000 x 0.042 = N21,000


It is important to note that any article found violating our publishing guidelines will not be paid even after being published.