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Get $800 on KCPAY When you Register, Follow this Instructions!



Get $800 on KCPAY When you Register, Follow this Instructions!

Before you criticize this project, please note that it is legitimate and you do not have to make any payment. You will receive an instant $800 on KCPAY when you register following the instructions in this article.

You have nothing to lose, even if you doubt its credibility. Just give it a shot and come back here to leave a comment. There is absolutely nothing to lose.

I strongly advise you to register before leaving a comment and let us know if what you see is true or not. It is important to know that this is a new project and funds are given only to early members. For Android users, follow the guide below:

How to Register and Clain your $800?

  • Download the app from Google Play Store at
  • Click “Create CHAIN ID”
  • On the next page, copy your CHAIN ID, you will use this to withdraw your funds
  • Make sure you store this Chian ID in a safe place so you don’t lose your funds
  • Enter your password and repeat the password
  • Enter this Code on the third space 3KH54L
  • It is important to enter the code above in the Invitation code section so as not to lose out on the Smart Team funds which will be credited to your wallet.
  • Click “Create ID”

Users generate a 16-digit unique identifier locally, serving as a unique identifier within the system.


If you are an iOS user, kindly wait a little, the mobile app will be available on the Apple Store soon!

What is KCPAY

KC aims to leverage blockchain technology for social consulting and payments, combining a fission mechanism to encourage user growth and engagement.

KCP Token Information Overview

1. Initial Token Supply

  • Contract address: 0xfe702f40ab9467f503a5fef3752a89881efda7eb
  • Total Supply: 10 billion KCP tokens.
  • Smart Contract Enforcement: Utilization of smart contracts to maintain supply limits and enforce distribution rules.

2. Token Distribution

  • Community Allocation (70%):
    1. Airdrop to Community Members (30%): Rewards for active community participation.
    2. Facial Recognition Incentive Fund (40%): Promotion and encouragement of facial recognition technology usage.
  • User Incentives: Rewards distributed by the community ecology for user engagement and participation.
  • System Fund: Allocation for protocol development, grants, and liquidity reserves.
  • Network Operations: Funding for operational costs, including technical support and marketing efforts.
  • Development Team (6.5%): Reserved tokens for the development team, with a 5-year lock-in period and staged unlocking from January 1, 2029, to December 31, 2032.
  • Investors (10%): Allocated for early backers with a lock-in period and phased release schedule.
  • KCP Foundation Reserve (13.5%): Reserved for unforeseen expenses, future projects, and contingency funding.

KCPAY’s team is composed of a diverse group of industry experts, innovators, and visionaries, all dedicated to revolutionizing the digital payment and financial services landscape.

Finally, you are not expected to pay any money, anybody asking you to pay money to claim the $800 in your account is a scam and you should not deal with such a person.


“This article is for information purposes only. Do not invest your money if you are asked to do so. We will not be held liable for any damages. Proceed at your own risk.”

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.


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