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How To Add Unlimited Members In Telegram Group



How To Add Unlimited Members In Telegram Group

As a reader of this article, you have probably created a personal group on Telegram to advertise your business and are trying to introduce your products and services to a lot of people by publishing content in this group and attracting members to your group.

As it is obvious, in this situation, the more members your group attracts, the higher your chances of sales you have, but unfortunately, the process of attracting members in Telegram is not so simple and fast; Therefore, in this article, we have decided to teach you an attractive and practical method, with the help of which you can attract many people to your group so quickly and increase the number of your group’s members.

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How to Add Members to Telegram Groups

Generally, people get to know your group and join it in 2 ways; In fact, people either join your group themselves or you add them to your group; In other words, if your content is top-notch and engaging, people will willingly join the group through the groups’ invite link or the members who are currently in your group will add other people to the group, and thus, the number of your member’s group will increase.

 However, as you can guess, this is the method that works in the long run. Another possible way is to add different people to your group yourself. This method works faster, but before doing this, you should also consider the limits of Telegram because you can add a maximum of 50 people to your group daily with each account.

If you want to bring more people to your group daily, you have no alternative but to use several accounts to add members; For example, if you want to add about 500 people daily, you will need 10 accounts. Now you may wonder how you can add a lot of people to the group using multiple accounts daily.

How to Add Members to the Telegram Group

You can add members to your Telegram group in two ways.

1.        Manually

In this method, you must first log in to your Telegram account with each account. Then go to the group you want to add members to and add up to 50 people for your group. After that, you have to log in with another account and add another 50 people and then do the same for other accounts as well.

However, as you may guess, it is very difficult and tiresome to do it continuously daily, and you might lose count of the limitations. But automated tools can be the savior for this matter.

2.       Automatically

In this method, you can use a tool that can do all the steps of adding members automatically and can save time and manpower in such matters. In the next section, we will introduce you to one of these tools.

Introducing a tool for Adding Members to the Telegram Group

Software bots (such as the vUser Telegram Bot Add User to Group) do the whole process of adding members completely automatically, easily and without taking a lot of time and energy from you; the bot performs all its tasks without any interference. All you need to do is to provide the bot with the link to your group and the usernames of the different people you want to add to your group so that the bot will add each of these usernames to your group while observing the Telegram limitations.

When executed, the bot logs into your Telegram with the first account. Then it goes to the list of usernames we have given and adds the first 50 usernames of this list to the group respectively. Then it automatically closes the first account and logs into your next account and continues the process by adding the second 50 people from that list to the group. The bot repeats this process for every account you have given; As it is known, the more accounts you give to the bot, the more people the bot will add to your group every day.

However, the question may have arisen for you how we can get a list of the usernames of the people we want to add to the group? We will answer this question below.

Extracting usernames of Different People

The best way to prepare a username list is to extract the member’s usernames from other groups; That is, enter other groups and extract the username of each member, and copy it to a list. However, we do not recommend that you extract usernames from random groups in Telegram because all the usernames you get and add to your group this way, are not very suitable for advertising your business. Because in the meantime, some of the added people may leave the group because they are not interested in the content of the group, or even if they stay in your group and don’t leave, they may pay no attention to the messages exchanged in the group; The solution is to extract usernames in a targeted way.

 Targeted username extraction means extracting people’s usernames from groups that are related to your business; In this case, you are sure that you are adding people who are interested in the subject of your group and are welcome to get to know and join in. For example, if your business is in cosmetics, you should target only women, because if you add men to your group, the chance that it will lead to a purchase is very low.

Note that you can also use bots and special software to extract a lot of usernames from Telegram groups quickly and easily.


In this article, we mentioned how to add members to Telegram groups and we said that you can increase your group’s members in 2 ways. Then we introduced an easy and practical tool for adding members to Telegram groups. We also explained the tool, called the Add Members Telegram Bot, can easily and fully automatically perform the process of adding members for you. In the end, we mentioned how to prepare a list of people’s Telegram IDs.

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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