Submission Of Unbanked Of AFJP Farmers Account Number Still Ongoing

AFJP Farmers Account Number Still Ongoing: The Fmardpace has given update on how unbanked registered AFJP farmers can still submit their Bank Account Number to Fmardpace regarding the Federal Government fertilizer subsidy grant opportunity.


According to the Fmardpace, the collection of bank details for the fertilizer subsidy grants is still ongoing. However, they encourage all unbanked farmers to get an account and provide their bank account number and bank name to assign enumerators.

As registers AFJP member, you will have the opportunity to benefit from some of the AFJP support from Federal Government. Recently, the federal government approved the fertilizer subsidy Grants to support AFJP Famers   

2 thoughts on “Submission Of Unbanked Of AFJP Farmers Account Number Still Ongoing

  1. I have received a message today from jaiz bank that I was credited with 4000 naira to my account of which I don’t even know the account number because is something like this ********265 with no details please help me and clarify this for me

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