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AgroReturns Farm Investment Review 2021 – Get 30% of your Capital



AgroReturns Farm Investment Review 2021 - Get 30% of your Capital

AgroReturns Farm Investment Review 2021 – Get 30% of your Capital- If you really want to be wealthy, then you have to lay your eggs in different baskets, In today’s article, you will learn how to invest in AgroReturns Farm Investment Review. AgroReturns registration is simple and apt but first, let see What AgroReturns Farm Investment is all about.

The only official website to register is


AgroReturns is a subsidiary of Hillside Agro Merchant Limited, an all-around agricultural company.

Hillside AgroMerchant Limited has been an active player in the Nigerian agricultural sector for close to 10 years. Over these years, AgroReturns have specialized in the cultivation, processing, and sales of palm oil and cassava. AgroReturns expertise on the farm and understanding of the market has ensured consistent demands on their products, even in competitive situations.

AgroReturns is the arm of the company that translates the rigor and dirt that comes with agriculture into money for investors. AgroReturns provide a platform for people to be a vital part of farming and all agricultural processes without having to till the ground or rear an animal. In other words, AgroReturns farm while you earn!

We are committed to enriching smart investors, even as we play a significant role in achieving the zero hunger agenda in Nigeria.

AgroReturns Farm Investment Review 2021 - Get 30% of your Capital 1

What are the investment plans available on AgroReturns?

There are currently two investment plan available,


How long is the investment plan?

It depends on the invested plan, It could be for 6 months, 12 months, or 2 years. As soon as the investment plan matures, the investor gets his or her interest and capital back, all of which he/she can decide to re-invest in the same plan or another.

How do I get paid at the maturity of my investment?

Every investor provides account details at the point of subscribing to any investment plan. At the maturity of an investment plan or at the termination of an investment, an investor is paid accordingly.

Can I terminate my Investment Plan at AgroReturns anytime?

At AgroReturns, we hold our clients in high esteem and respect the contract agreement. You can terminate an investment plan only after the duration of your current investment plan. After which you can request to terminate your investment.

Does AgroReturns owns a farm I can Visit?

Yes, AgroReturns runs a farm of over 150 hectares. You can visit the farm.

What is the minimum amount or investment I can do?

Interesting! The minimum investment plan for now is ₦ 50,000 which is the AGRO PADDY PLAN.

How do I calculate AgroReturns Farm Investment Interest?

It depends on the plan you opt for, all you need to do is find out the equivalent of our stipulated percentage per unit of the plan. For instance, if you invest in a unit of Agro Paddy (Cow Trading for N50,000) you will get N12,500 (25%) as ROI. This applies also to other plans depending on the benefits.

What is the guarantee on my money should something goes wrong with the farming process?

AgroReturns Investment and its mother company, Hillside Agro Merchant Limited are insured by linkage assurance plc.

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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