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BYU Scholarship Application 2021 / 2022 in United State



BYU Scholarship Application

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BYU Scholarship Application 2021 has commenced, interested students who wish to apply for the BYU Financial Aid Scholarship should read the following guidelines to apply.

BYU scholarships 2021 are for current students or those applying for admission. We encourage all students to complete the online scholarship application, regardless of their circumstances. To be considered for academic, need-based, and private awards, complete the ‘Period’ section and the first three optional sections (Personal, Essays, and Need).

Additional sections of the application are for more specific awards and for each you complete you will be considered.

You must apply for BYU Scholarship Application 2021 on or before posted deadlines, even if you have not yet been admitted to the university. Your application for scholarships will be processed once you are admitted.

To continue to be considered for scholarships after admission, you must apply by the Continuing Student deadline each year.

Deadline for BYU Scholarship Application 2021

Eligible StudentsWinter 2022Spring 2022Summer 2022Fall 2022
New Freshman2 Aug 202115 Dec 202115 Dec 202115 Dec 2021
Former2 Aug 202115 Dec 202115 Dec 202115 Dec 2021
Continuing1 Feb 20211 Feb 20221 Feb 20221 Feb 2022
Transfer*3 Aug 202115 Dec 202115 Dec 202115 Dec 2021

Graduate Students – Contact your department for application materials and deadlines.

*Transfer students can apply for academic scholarships as Continuing students after having completed at least 12 credit hours at BYU on or before the appropriate Feb. 1 application deadline.

Undergraduate students wanting to be considered for need-based scholarships need to complete the 2021-22 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and send it to BYU by January 20, 2021. The 2021-2022 FAFSA is available October 1, 2020. If you are under the age of 30, you must also include your parents’ information, even if you are considered independent on the FAFSA.

Requirements for BYU Scholarship Application 2021


  • Maintain the number of credits required by scholarship, typically 12 for fall/winter. 
  • Independent Study courses, audited courses, and language exam credits do not count.
  • Scholarships will not credit to your account until you register for the appropriate number of credit hours.


  • If at any point you fall below the minimum credit hour requirement, your scholarship will be canceled and you will be responsible for any tuition charges and/or discontinuance fees.
  • If there are unusual or extenuating circumstances that require you to drop or discontinue, please visit an Enrollment Services Counselor in advance, if possible.


  • The Financial Aid Office limits assistance to eight semesters of fall/winter scholarship per student.
  • Spring/summer scholarships do not count against the eight semesters of eligibility.
  • All scholarship awarded by the Financial Aid Office are for undergraduate students. For graduate scholarship opportunities you will need to contact your department/college.


  • Continuing students who are on a Leave of Absence for reasons other than a missionary deferment must apply by the appropriate deadline to be considered for scholarships upon their return, even if they are not currently enrolled.


  • Funds awarded as scholarships, fellowships, benefits, and grants, are excluded from the recipient’s gross income to the extent that they are used for required tuition, books, fees, supplies, and equipment. Funds that exceed these expenses or which are used for other purposes, including room, board, research, and travel, must be included as taxable income.
  • Because you are responsible for taxes due the government, keep receipts, cancelled checks, and other documents to detail qualified expenditures.
  • Consult your personal tax advisor with any questions or concerns.

Multi-Year Scholarship Policies

In addition to the above policies and expectations, multi-year scholarships have the following:

Maintaining Your BYU Scholarship Application 2021
  • You must earn and maintain a minimum 3.60 BYU grade point average through the end of each winter semester.
  • You are expected to enroll at BYU for the equivalent of two semesters during each academic year unless serving a Latter-day Saint mission.  If you miss a major semester, you have the option of moving the scholarship to spring and summer terms of the same academic year.  If you do not plan on attending BYU during spring or summer terms, you would simply decline that portion of the scholarship.
Attending Spring/Summer
  • You may apply to receive spring-summer scholarships in addition to your multi-year award, although you may not claim both during the same enrollment.
  • To be considered for these additional awards, you must submit the online scholarship application through myBYU by the February 1 deadline.

To apply for BYU Scholarship Application, go to the official website to apply >>>

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