Download AY Merrymen (Full Movie 1 & 2)

Download AY Merrymen (Full Movie)

Watch AY Movie ‘MERRYMEN The Real Yoruba Demon – Just like Robinhood and his band of MerryMen , These Yoruba Demons leave no stone unturned in their noble quest to steal from the Rich and give to the poor.

Watch Full movie below


Download AY Merrymen : AY is a multi-award-winning Nigerian actor, comedian, Guinness world record holder, He is the host of the A.Y live shows and A.Y comedy skits. His first produced movie “30 Days In Atlanta,” was officially recognized by the 2017 Guinness World Records.

“Merry Men” is a movie that follows the randy lives of four Abuja big boys, who are considered the city’s most eligible bachelors.

 They have thriving businesses, palatial homes, fast expensive cars and the attention of women in no short supply. They are known as the Merry Men, even though the ladies would prefer calling them Yoruba Demons. Download AY Merrymen with the link above.

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