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Download NECO Timetable 2024 (PDF)



NECO Timetable 2024 PDF

NECO Timetable 2024 PDF has been released, students who registered for the 2024 National Examination Council Examination as mandated to download the new NECO Timetable and get prepared for the forthcoming examination.

The National Examination Council’s body disclosed that the exam will begin Wednesday, June 19, 2024, and end Friday, July 26, 2024.

Below is the complete NECO Timetable PDF

Schools and candidates should be aware of the following key points:

  • Adhere to the time on the question paper if it differs from the timetable.
  • Confirm examination venues for Physical Education, Auto Mechanics, French, Music, and Arabic from NECO State Offices.
  • Practical exams in certain subjects may be conducted in sets when equipment is limited.
  • Provide Visual Arts Paper IV to candidates at least one week before the exam date.
  • Distribute Welding & Fabrication and Engineering Craft Practice materials at least three weeks before the exam date.
  • Give Dyeing and Bleaching, Photography, Painting and Decoration, Printing Craft Practice, and Leather Goods materials at least two weeks before the exam date.
  • Nigerian languages include a literature aspect.
  • Allow albinos and blind candidates an additional 30 minutes for each subject.
  • Blind candidates must use the NECO-supplied OBR customized braille sheet.
  • The use of scientific calculators is permitted.
  • Electronic communication gadgets are strictly prohibited in the examination hall.
  • Candidates must sit for practical exams (Paper 1) to receive a result in the subject.

Tips on Passing the NECO Examination

here are 10 tips to help you pass your NECO examination:

  1. Understand the Exam Format: Familiarize yourself with the NECO exam structure, including the number of papers, types of questions, and marking scheme. This understanding will help you prepare effectively.
  2. Create a Study Schedule: Plan your study time wisely, allocating sufficient time for each subject. A well-organized study schedule ensures you cover all topics without feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Practice Past Questions: Get a hold of past NECO exam papers and practice solving them under exam conditions. This will help you understand the exam pattern, improve your time management skills, and identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Focus on Weak Areas: Identify the subjects or topics you find challenging and dedicate extra time to studying them. Please don’t ignore your weaknesses; instead, turn them into strengths through focused practice.
  5. Use Revision Techniques: Employ effective revision techniques such as summarizing notes, creating mind maps, or teaching concepts to others. These techniques help reinforce learning and improve retention.
  6. Stay Healthy: Ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle during your exam preparation. Eat nutritious meals, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. A healthy body supports a healthy mind, enhancing your ability to focus and retain information.
  7. Seek Clarification: If you encounter any difficulties or have doubts about certain topics, don’t hesitate to seek clarification from your teachers, classmates, or online resources. Understanding concepts fully is essential for exam success.
  8. Practice Time Management: Practice answering questions within the allocated time to simulate exam conditions. Learn to prioritize questions, tackle the easier ones first, and manage your time effectively to avoid leaving any questions unanswered.
  9. Stay Calm and Confident: On the day of the exam, remain calm and confident. Trust in your preparation and believe in your abilities. Avoid panicking if you encounter challenging questions; stay focused and approach them calmly.
  10. Read Instructions Carefully: Before answering the questions, carefully read all instructions in the exam paper. Pay attention to details such as the number of questions to be answered, the format of answers required, and any special instructions given by the examiners.

By following these tips and putting in consistent effort, you’ll be well-prepared to excel in your NECO examination.

Good luck!

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.


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