Apply for Edge Foundation Innovation Grant Fund 2021

EDGE foundation is working to inspire the education system to give all young people across the UK the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to flourish in their future life and work

The Edge Innovation Fund (EIF) is a different approach to grant funding. The fund has opened with £300,000 available for 2021 and will be refreshed with new funds every January up until January 2025.

The EIF has no closing date, applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis from the launch date (14th September) and reviewed at regular intervals.


What is the Edge Innovation Fund looking for?

The EIF is now open and looking for projects which are disruptive and innovative in their thinking and approach, challenging the current education system approach.

Edge Foundation Projects must:

All potential projects must meet the following criteria. They must:

  • Be innovative
  • Be disruptive and challenging to the current education system approach
  • Address the need for a broad and balanced curriculum containing both vocational and academic learning
  • Address Edge’s strategic priorities – namely:
    • support making education relevant – empowering young people to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviour needed for success as adults, workers and citizens to play a role in society and address challenging global issues; supporting employers to feel that young people have the qualities they are looking for in a changing economy.
    • support a broad, flexible and engaging education
    • support high quality, respected professional and vocational education
    • support education being connected to employers and the community

All projects must also have, or be able to secure, at least 20% of the total project cost through match funding.

Since 2014, Edge has invested £4m in grant funding, supporting 38 projects to create learning facilities, employer partnerships and impacting over 60,000 young people. Read more about the impact of our grant funding programme here.

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