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Hypocrites Everywhere Actress Queen Wokoma Says As She Supports Tonto Dikeh



Queen Wokoma defends Tonto Dikeh who is her friend and colleague in the industry. Queen Wokoma took to her Instagram page to criticize Nigerians who have been judging and condemning Tonto Dikeh for revelling her pains.

Queen Wokoma wrote:

Never Judge a pain you don’t feel. Have you seen the complete interview? Have you ever been in a relationship with NARCISSISTS? The Worst Is Getting Married To These ManiPulative, no empathy set of being. They break you down emotionally and psychologically. They do it so manipulatively that when you choose to react, everyone screams you are mad.

Tonto Dikeh was married to him so she can tell better!! She wants to vent, let her vent!!! Y’all should fix your “Perfect” homes and leave this woman alone!!! Stop telling people how to react to pain! If you feel she isn’t going about it the wrong way; send her a dm.
Welcome to Planet Earth, where sinners judge sinners for sinning differently. Y’all would do worse if you were in her shoes. Hypocrites everywhere! mtcheeww!!!

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Hypocrites Everywhere Actress Queen Wokoma Says As She Defends Tonto Dikeh

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