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Millions of Dollars and Cryptocurrencies are two Aspects that could be related



There is a wrong thought regarding cryptocurrencies; everyone thinks that by buying Bitcoin, they are already millionaires or, failing that, they can become millionaires overnight. 

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Everything in life is a process; everything takes time, much less financial investments; investing in cryptocurrencies and obtaining results requires preparation and practice.

The digital financial market constantly changes, which implies evaluating technological advances and the various trends that make the market fluctuate quickly and volatilely.

Cryptocurrencies are not a game.

Many users usually enter the digital currency market, thinking that having capital and empirically buying and selling cryptocurrencies will make them millionaires.

This position is entirely wrong; trading cryptocurrencies is not a game, and academic preparation is required. Of course, not necessarily in a certified institution, but general knowledge will make the investor know the terms correctly.

There are many terms in the cryptocurrency ecosystem that are complex and completely new, let’s remember that they work under the blockchain platform, and this is something completely different from traditional financial operations.

When starting, it is essential to know all the risk factors around cryptographic investments, market capitalizations, and the most profitable coins.

That money is earned is not a lie if profits are obtained. Still, for this, it is necessary to carry out the technical and fundamental analyzes of the operations that you want to execute, managing to have control of all the actions.

Various ways to earn money with cryptocurrencies

Three ways are known to generate returns through cryptocurrencies, and they are known as mining, buying and selling crypto assets, and last but not least, cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptocurrency mining mainly bases its work on solving mathematical problems known as algorithms that, once solved, generate a block that is automatically attached to the chain of blocks that has already been created.

This process is known as the extraction of digital currencies and by which the miner or person who results from the algorithm is given a bonus for their work.

Said bonus is made in cryptocurrencies, usually in the mined digital currency. This activity requires several essential aspects, such as having a good team with a graphic card supporting mining operations.

On the other hand, we found that the cost of electricity should be evaluated since this type of work requires a high electricity consumption. Indeed, it should be noted that with this option, you will not become a millionaire; it can be profitable, but you must be fast and efficient to obtain the most significant rewards possible.

Secondly, we find the option that requires getting rid of your capital and investing in digital currencies (the one of your preference); this means buying and selling crypto assets; it is usually suggested to start Bitcoin since it is the most stable among the volatility of the cryptocurrencies.

In this case, you must operate based on the supply and demand of digital currencies, where the main thing is to buy in downtrends and sell in bullish ones; that is where the profitability of cryptocurrencies resides.

Many became millionaires after acquiring cryptocurrencies and forgot about them for several years. It was beneficial since their valuation was much better at the end of each year than their initial value.

Lastly, we find cryptocurrency trading, in which users are known as traders and are in charge of operating in periods ranging from 1 minute to 1 hour and can occur throughout the day.

In trading, investments are made like any other financial asset on the stock market; the main thing is to find the broker that offers the best options for the user, from data protection to operational security.

These types of operations are based on CFDs, where essentially you operate based on the difference in value that occurs during a particular trend, entering the market with low investments from $10.


If you expect to become a millionaire with cryptocurrencies today for tomorrow, you are in the wrong place; investments require time, knowledge, and management, so first research and prepare yourself in a general way, and then if you make the right decisions.

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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