Npower Biometrics Still Ongoing, Nasims Announce Deadlines for Fingerprint Capturing

In line with the ongoing N-Power batch C fingerprint capturing, we have decided to advise shortlisted applicants who are yet to capture their fingerprint on the NASIMS Portal to do so before the deadline as that is a yardstick to moving forward to the next stage.

Though the Nasims Npower management team has not specified any deadline, some State SIP has begun to rollout deadline and so it is very important that you do your biometrics immediately.

In a new press release circulating online, the Plateau State SIP focal person has given 6th of Feb. for applicants shortlisted in Plateau state to do their biometrics.

Very important information reaching the Focal person office from headquarters indicates that following the shortlisting and subsequent communication to Npower applicants over 48 hours ago, National Social Investment Management Systems NASIMS observed a very low response rate of less than 10%.

All candidates that received mails from NASIMS are requested to urgently and carefully follow instructions for the Biometrics data enrollment. This is a very critical step in the NPower Batch C selection/ online validation process, you are expected to submit online upon successful enrolment of all four fingers.

Accordingly, shortlisted candidates are to note that shortlisted applicants would be ineligible for final selection if they do not enroll in their biometric data by 6th Feb. 2022.

Management NSIP Plateau State.

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