Open Heaven 1st October 2021 RCCG Daily Devotional (Prayers For The Nations)

Open Heaven 1st October 2021 is an RCCG Daily devotional manual that is written to ingest into the heart of the Christians. Today’s daily devotional is talking about the topic “Prayers For The Nations”

Open Heaven 1st October 2021 RCCG Daily Devotional (Prayers For The Nations)



This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise.
Isaiah 43:21


Psalm 85:1-13

1 Lord, thou hast been favourable unto thy land: thou hast brought back the captivity of Jacob.

2 Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of thy people, thou hast covered all their sin. Selah.

3 Thou hast taken away all thy wrath: thou hast turned thyself from the fierceness of thine anger.

4 Turn us, O God of our salvation, and cause thine anger toward us to cease.

5 Wilt thou be angry with us for ever? wilt thou draw out thine anger to all generations?

6 Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?

7 Shew us thy mercy, O LORD, and grant us thy salvation.

8 I will hear what God the LORD will speak: for he will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly.

9 Surely his salvation is nigh them that fear him; that glory may dwell in our land.

10 Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

11 Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven.

12 Yea, the LORD shall give that which is good; and our land shall yield her increase.

13 Righteousness shall go before him; and shall set us in the way of his steps.

Open Heaven 1st October 2021 RCCG Daily Devotional (Prayers For The Nations)


  1. Lord, we thank You for all the nations of the world. Father, in our nation, let there be light. Please, bring an end to every darkness in Jesus’ name. let Your light shine so every darkness of poverty, corruption, stagnation and backwardness can come to an end swiftly, in Jesus’ name.
  2. Lord, take over our nation. Set it aflame with the fire of revival in Jesus’ name. Let revival break out in our nation, in Jesus’ name.
  3. Father, please rid our land of every evil. Lord, please raise an army of great leaders that will fight and overcome all the ills in this nation – not with physical weapons but with Your grace and righteousness, in Jesus’ name.
  4. Lord, expose all those troubling our nation from the east, west, south and the north. Let all those who have made up their minds to trouble our nation be exposed and disgraced, in Jesus’ name.
  5. Father, please put an end to the violence and bloodshed in our nation, in Jesus’ name. Heal our land and have mercy on us, in Jesus’ name.
  6. Father, let peace reign in our nation and let us begin to prosper more and more, in Jesus’ name. Please make our country great, in Jesus, name.
  7. Lord, we cancel every satanic agenda against our nation, in Jesus’ name. No weapon formed against our nation will prosper, in Jesus’ name.
  8. Father, please visit our nation with many blessings. Lord, open the windows of heaven and pour out great blessings on our nation, in Jesus’ name.
  9. Father, let there be unity in our country. Take away every iota of disunity, in Jesus’ name. Let us sop fighting one another in Jesus’ name.
  10. Father, let the policies of our nation favour the Church of God. Let Churches thrive in all the nations of the world, in Jesus’ name.
  11. Lord, help the leaders of this nation to lead righteously and with the fear of God in Jesus’s name.
  12. Your personal prayers for your nation.

Open Heaven 1st October 2021 RCCG Daily Devotional (Prayers For The Nations)


Father, we give You all the glory over our great nation. We thank You for all that You do for us as a nation.




  1. Be glad in the Lord and rejoice,
    All ye that are upright in heart;
    And ye that have made Him your choice,
    Bid sadness and sorrow depart.

Rejoice, rejoice,
Be glad in the Lord and rejoice;
Rejoice, rejoice,
Be glad in the Lord and rejoice.

  1. Be joyful, for He is the Lord,
    On earth and in heaven supreme;
    He fashions and rules by His word;
    The “Mighty” and “Strong” to redeem.
  2. What though in the conflict for right
    Your enemies almost prevail?
    God’s armies, just hid from your sight,
    Are more than the foes which assail.
  3. Though darkness surround you by day,
    Your sky by the night be o’ercast,
    Let nothing your spirit dismay,
    But trust till the danger is past.
  4. Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice,
    His praises proclaiming in song;
    Let gratefulness give all a voice,
    The loud hallelujahs prolong!

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