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I hope this catches your eye…I mean common guys aren’t we tired of life in Nigeria already. The average Nigerian has witnessed suffering that’s bigger than their age; if you haven’t, pray you don’t while you prepare for it.

Day by day, the country gets harder for everyone and the strive to keep a balance is nerve-racking; that’s why it’s called HUSTLE right but hey guess what “LIFE NO BALANCE AT ALL” Have you really thought of how we’ve held up for so long with the entire endless quest for satisfaction, the more you achieve, the more your wants increases? It is evident that lots of us have suffered from some common mental health issues ranging from low-high functioning anxiety, stress, mild-severe depression and others at different situations/stages in our life.

Every single gender is faced with unnecessary imposed cultural demands from the sole independent responsibility of men (who actually hold a higher ratio in suicide deaths) as the ultimate provider to women who are equally not expected to live above her “womanly roles” and much more.

Asides these gender-based pressure, there are the few shared difficulties the country have provided each of us; the young school teen who has to struggle to get admission into university and maintain it , post NYSC depression , constant increase in the price of goods and services, unemployment wahala,  low-income earners struggle, insecurity issues, harassment from government officials on the road at any time of the day, relationship burden, no adequate health care to even social media pressure trends and many more have made us susceptible to mental health problems like depression, anxiety, substance use and others.

RARE tips on MentalHealth 2

As plain as mental wellbeing sounds, disregard can incur great cost on effective functioning both individually and economically which is the case in our society. People use the phrase “protect your mental health” but are unaware or care less on its deep meaning. Sadly, our society perceives it as a weakness and misconceptions and social stigma keeps escalating.

Notions we’re are all willing to change.

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RARE tips on MentalHealth 4

Anticipate RARE tips on Mental Health to discuss trending topics on major mental health challenges and lots more.

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