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A Beginner’s Guide to the Do’s & Don’ts of Website Designing



Website design has come a long way from HTML, JavaScript, and more. As web design tools and resources evolve, web designing has never been this easy. But what makes a good website? As web designing becomes more accessible, one needs to examine what distinguishes a good website from others.

If you are a small business owner in Perth looking to take your business online, the first step is designing a good website. Here are some tips that website design experts in Perth recommend. Abiding by this list of dos and don’ts can help you design websites like a professional!

A Beginner's Guide to the Do's & Don'ts of Website Designing 1

First, the DOs

Keep the UX Similar Across All Platforms

Visitors often access websites from various devices, such as smartphones, PCs, tablets, and more. And they often look for familiarity in their browsing experience. Hence, web design companies in Perth always insist on keeping the user experience as similar as possible across all platforms. It will help visitors to seamlessly transition between multiple devices, thereby boosting your traffic & creating valuable leads.

Remember the Needs of the Audience

Before designing your website, you must conduct exhaustive research on your target audience’s needs and demands. Web designing experts and professionals agree that extensive market and competitor analysis can help you better understand the demographics. And therefore, help you design a better website that caters to the needs of your targeted audience. It also enables you to develop original content to convert passive visitors into active ones.

Use a Clear, Easy-to-Navigate Design

Your website is a tool to communicate helpful information clearly and concisely. Various studies show that Internet users prefer websites with clear and easily navigable designs over ones that are stylish and visually appealing but challenging to navigate. And hence, web design agencies in Perth always stress the importance of creating a comprehensive visual hierarchy in your website designs for a better user experience.

Prioritise Mobile Usability

Studies say that over 90% of today’s users access the Internet on their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Hence, as a website designer, you must ensure that your website is highly compatible with these devices. Web design agencies in Perth recommend enhancing the user experience on mobile devices to ensure maximum usability and conversion.

Choose Fonts that are Easy to Read

When you start designing your website, you might be tempted to go with different stylish fonts for different sections of your website. However, experienced web designers always advise you to stick to easily readable fonts. The best way to ensure that is by trying out different fonts side by side and testing them for readability.

And Now, DON’Ts

Don’t Open Internal Links in New Tabs

Browsers often use the ‘Back’ button to return to the page they visited earlier. But when your website opens the internal links to new tabs, it effectively disables the ‘Back’ button. Many users find this trait to be annoying. And as a result, they might end up leaving your website abruptly. Hence, web design experts in Perth often recommend making your website easily navigable for users.

Don’t Use Blinking Ads or Texts

Blinking texts, images, or ads can trigger epileptic seizures in some individuals. Since the purpose of your website should be to reach out to as many people as possible, most web design company Melbournestrictly advise against using such formats in websites.

Don’t Autoplay Videos

You must make wise use of audio and video elements in your website. Most users do not like it when websites start playing music, audio, or video in the background. As a result, many visitors often quit browsing the website abruptly. While designing your website, remember to use these elements sparingly and only when necessary.

Don’t Make Your Visitors Wait for Long

While designing your website, you must keep in mind that the attention span of a regular website visitor is relatively fleeting. Website visitors often lose interest when they wait too long for pages to load. Web design experts in Perth recommend optimising your website’s loading times for the best results.

Don’t Use Too Much Text

Remember that when it comes to website content, ‘less is always more. As a website designer, you must strategically place content on your website so you can communicate more with fewer words. Try to enhance the browsing experience using high-quality images. Web designers in Adelaide advise against using generic stock images as that can quickly cause the visitor to lose interest.

Find Experienced & Reliable Website Design Companies in Perth

Your website is a reflection of your brand. And hence, it must communicate your brand’s vision and goals. Moreover, you can use the website as an important tool that provides browsers with helpful information and creates valuable leads. The website designing process is now much more simplified than it used to be. But it can still be a highly overwhelming process that requires constant research and innovation. For best results, you can opt to hire web design experts in Adelaide to design your brand’s website.

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