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How to Apply for Common Wealth Grant 2021/2022 | Everything You Need to Know



Common Wealth Grant 2021/202

Common Wealth Grant 2021/2022 – This is to inform the public that the commonwealth foundation grant is now open for application.

About Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Foundation is an intergovernmental organisation established by Heads of Government in support of the belief that the Commonwealth is as much an association of peoples as it is of governments.

The Foundation is dedicated to strengthening people’s participation in all aspects of public dialogue, acting together and learning from each other to build democratic societies.

Ultimately, the Foundation seeks to ensure that policy and government institutions are more effective contributors to development through the influence of civic voices.

Common Wealth Grant 2021/2022

As one of the three intergovernmental pillars of the Commonwealth, the Foundation operates within that critical space between government and the people. The Foundation works to bring the voice of civil society into all aspects of governance, supporting civil society engagement in shaping the policies and decisions that affect people’s lives.

The Foundation’s Strategic Plan 2021-2026 is strongly linked to the Commonwealth Charter and its values and aspirations, and it identifies three thematic areas of focus which are detailed in the blue box below. Civil society projects that aim to advance these themes will be supported through this open grants call. 


A Commonwealth of equal, just and inclusive societies.


We will contribute to the above vision by:

  • Supporting the active and constructive participation of Commonwealth citizens in all aspects of their governance
  • Nurturing the growth of vibrant and free civil societies in all Commonwealth countries
  • Advancing the principles and ideals of the Commonwealth

Core values

Commitment to the Commonwealth and its Charter

We work to advance the principles and ideals of the Commonwealth.


We act with transparency, honesty and fairness. We own our decisions and behaviours.


We treat colleagues and partners with appreciation and dignity.


We set high standards, give our best and are consistently reliable. We deliver on commitments.


We encourage new thinking, listen to ideas and have an open mind. We are responsive to change.

Plurality of thought and expression

We actively encourage and provide space for the open and free exchange of opinions and ideas.


We cultivate and nurture honest, reliable and generous partnerships. We share challenges and successes.

How to Apply for Common Wealth Grant 2021/2022

Interested applicants should click to apply

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