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Understanding Crypto Exchanges And Their Features



Understanding Crypto Exchanges And Their Features

Crypto exchanges are the platforms on which you buy and sell digital currency. Buying crypto can be for different reasons. You could have them simply to keep them for a long period, or you can buy and sell them at immediately. 


Whatever the reason, you will have to follow the rules and regulations set by the particular crypto exchange you choose! These exchanges come with various features and facilities. When selecting one of them, you need to consider the difference in their features and the extent to which they can facilitate you. Once you select a crypto exchange as your main trading platform, you can play your bets to greater extents!

  1. Protection; A Must in This Volatile Market

The world of crypto is highly volatile. It is an ever-changing industry, which works on speculations and can showcase astonishing twists and turns. Hence, having some kind of protection while trading in crypto is necessary. Many crypto exchanges offer security in the form of insurance or their regulatory policies.

While choosing a crypto exchange, make sure that you are not risking all your funds. Rather, opt for a platform that backs you when things go wrong!

  1. The Fee Structures; The Lesser, The Better

Now, this is an obvious fact that crypto exchanges do ask for some fee when it comes to using their services. However, a very high fee structure is surely not recommended. An exchange platform is supposed to be easy to deal with. If it is too pricey, it may be a turn-off for you.

Another thing to contemplate here is that the world of crypto is still developing. It is in its developmental phase, which means that you would be experimenting with making things work for you and learning how to trade the cryptos. For that, you need to go stress-free by paying the least amount of money. 

However, one major consideration here is that with the high fee, many exchanges offer additional protection in their features. Apart from this, certain exchanges charge a fee according to the fluctuations in the market. At the same time, the per-transaction fee would depend on the percentage of your trade. Hence, the exchanges come with a different fee structure for every investor. You can choose your exchange by considering all the factors mentioned above. 

  1. Coin Offering; The Variety Matter Quite a Lot

Cryptocurrencies are of thousands of types, and every exchange can’t offer every one of these currencies. The popular ones like Ethereum and Bitcoin are available on every platform offering crypto trading. However, the less popular ones that are relatively newer, also known as altcoins, are available in the selected few platforms.

While choosing an exchange, it would be a good idea to go through its portfolio extensively. Doing this will let you know about all the types of currencies it offers. However, it is always recommended not to bet on the riskier currencies and stay on the safer side by opting for the popular choices. 

  1. Educational Opportunities; The Need to Learn the Basics

As crypto trading is a new concept, not everyone is pro at it. Hence, the new investors use the exchanges to learn while trading them. They help them get to know about the different kinds of coins, digital assets, and the way blockchain technology works. 

The right kind of crypto exchange is surely the one that offers great educational facilities and opportunities. 

  1. Taxes; Avoid Making Things Complicated

Every financial activity requires you to pay some amount of tax against it. The same goes for crypto investment as well. This depends on the volume of assets that you possess. Calculating and paying one more tax may get difficult on top of all your previous ones. Choosing the right exchange may ease 


Getting your hands on a crypto exchange that offers you the right kinds of features helps you easily understand the crypto trading system. Though your personal preferences will affect your choice, making a comparison of them all and then taking the final decision is necessary.

As you are stepping on unknown territory with your hard-earned money, cognizance of all the facilities your exchange offers is significant. This will not only reduce your anxiety but will also keep you safe and your assets secured!

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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