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Npower Batch C: Effect of Late PPA Entrollment



Who Is In charge of Npower Beneficiaries Payment

Late PPA Entrollment: The Npower batch C stream I deployment continue, because those who partake in the biometric verification are yet to be deployed.


in today’s article, we be discussing on the effect of late PPA Entrollment, as this is very important to any npower beneficairies, because this will not only help you from disqualification but will make you avoid been disqualify. keep reading!

When we say late entrollment, we are saying that it is the process of which an npower beneficiaries is yet to complete his or her deployment process on time. And this can definitely lead to disqualification.

Below are the list of the effect of Npower late PPA Entrollment

  1. Failure for a npower volounteer to meet up with the completion of the deployment exercise at the stipulated period of exercise may lead to incomplete stipends payments.
  2. Failure to complete your npower entrollment exercise my lead to disqualification.

However, you can be replaced with other npower who are yet to be deployed to their various PPA when you fail to complete your entrollment exercise. Please be sure to complete your npower entrollment exercise before time.

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