FG: Apply for Free Cyber Security Training for Nigerian Youths and Get Up to N1 Million in Cash – Apply Now

Free Cyber Security Training for Nigerian Youths 2022 – The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development launches Cyber Security, training, Competition, Certification, Internship, and job placement for Nigerian Youth. This is a programme of the Ministry in collaboration with @halogengrp which has carefully been developed to benefit as many young persons as possible.

The only official website to apply is https://halogen-group.com/cyber-security-training/index.php

The training is aimed at engaging the youth on Cyber Security capabilities to enable mitigate risks of Cyber-attacks, alongside a range of certification programmes in Cyber Security that may offer job placements both locally and internationally for participants.

Participants will learn

  • Basic understanding of Cyber Security
  • Types and forms of Cyber attacks. E.g Malware, Trojans, Social engineering attacks, Phishing links, etc
  • Vulnerability controls
  • Cyber Security tools and lots more

There are also prizes of N1million, N650,000, and N350 000 for winners of the cyber security competition.

Halogen Group, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, seeks to promote cybersecurity awareness, competencies, and capabilities amongst Nigerian Youth.

Benefits of participating

  • Internship opportunities
  • Access to cyber security certifications
  • Job opportunities (local & international)

This training is free for the first Forty Thousand (40,000) enrollees.

Duration: 3 days (15 hours)

Mode of Learning: Online

Deadline for Registration: 12th August 2022

Free Cyber Security Training for Nigerian Youths 2022 is for everyone, however, the faster you register the better for you. Remember this also come with rewards, you may just be the winner and pocket a good amount for your educational needs.

Visit here to apply https://halogen-group.com/cyber-security-training/index.php

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