NYIF Grants: How To Know If You’ve Been Shortlisted

As part of the federal government’s work to reduce the monetary impact of the Covid pandemic on the Nigerian economy, various advance/award plans were sent out that were available to entrepreneurs working in miniature, small and medium-sized businesses.

Kindly visit https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/app to check


One of the grant schemes sent by the central government is the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), which aims to provide credit to beneficiaries after preparation. This was one of the most punctual declared aid reserve programs.

There are reports that the recipients of this have actually taken advantage of the plan. Of the approximately 3 million candidates, only 500 were selected. Of the 500, only 393 actually made a profit because others could not because of their record problems; huge failures to get huge sums.

To find out if you are on the list, please check your email. Mailbox and spam folders.

Kindly visit https://voiceofnigeria.org.ng/nyif-grants-how-to-know-if-youve-been-shortlisted/ to find out more

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