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Top PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development in 2023



Top PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development in 2023

PHP is the language that brought a massive revolution in web development. It helped in making websites dynamic and user-friendly. Though the language was really good, there was always a place for improvement, and senior PHP developers and the community always stepped ahead. They all created frameworks, libraries, and reusable code pieces that are still relevant even today. 


If you are a fan of PHP and its applications, you surely want to ease your tasks and work with the frameworks. So as we advance, we will have a look at what PHP frameworks are and why you should use them. Moreover, we will also discover some of the top PHP frameworks for agile app development in 2023.

What are PHP Frameworks, and Why Use Them?

Just like frameworks in any other programming language, PHP frameworks are ready-to-use code bundles and packages that can be leveraged to unlock more possibilities for PHP apps. Frameworks remove the need to write everything from scratch and help you create apps in a shorter time. 

As the development time decreases, and you don’t have to focus too much on the basic implementations, PHP frameworks aid in agile development as making changes is easier, and any new feature can be built upon the underlying framework. 

Developers love to use PHP frameworks as they help them save significant time and make collaboration easier. As frameworks are built on better coding practices, the code that you write on top of that will surely follow best coding practices, and maintaining it becomes easier. 

Moreover, you should use frameworks because the features are implemented in a better way, and they are much more secure than your own implementations. 

Having known about PHP frameworks and why to use them, let’s explore some top PHP frameworks for agile app development in 2023.

Top PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development in 2023

  1. Laravel

Laravel is a popular and well-liked PHP web development framework. Taylor Otwell created it and published it as open-source in 2011.

Laravel is capable of handling complex web applications safely and at a much faster rate than other PHP frameworks. It also has a beautiful syntax and focuses on the developer experience and simplicity of implementation.

Laravel streamlines development by enhancing basic chores like routing, sessions, caching, and authentication. It includes the Blade PHP template engine, which is used to manage templating needs in Laravel projects effortlessly.

It follows the widely proclaimed MVC architecture and provides excellent security features in the framework itself. The framework also provides a way for authenticating and hashing essential data in the apps. If you are using a database with the app, there are commands for easy database migration too. 

Laravel has all the features that assist in the rapid development of apps when you are following the agile model. You can hire Laravel developer to start creating a project on it.

  1. Symfony

The Symfony framework was first released in 2005, making it one of the oldest frameworks on our list. Because of the long market time, it is a solid and established platform for developing apps. Symfony is a comprehensive PHP MVC framework with a plethora of capabilities.

It is frequently utilized in the development of large-scale corporate applications. It is incredibly adaptable, and you can easily combine it with other systems. Furthermore, the framework makes it simple to reuse components, which speeds up development. 

So, if you’re working on an agile project with many technologies and such, Symfony is a good choice because it integrates nicely with others.

  1. CodeIgniter

If you’re searching for a PHP microframework, go no further than CodeIgniter. It is a 2MB framework used to create dynamic web apps and web pages.

CodeIgniter works well on shared and dedicated hosting platforms, making it the most crucial choice for small and low-budget applications. It contains simple security, error management, and encryption methods for all app implementations.

The framework adheres to the MVC architecture and protects your project against XSS and CSRF threats with built-in capabilities. It is user-friendly for beginners, and you can learn and start designing apps with it rapidly.

  1. Yii

Yii is a PHP framework that is component-based and object-oriented. It is built on the DRY coding principle and aids in the creation of innovative web applications using PHP.

The framework is both quick and secure. It has a number of security features, including bcrypt password hashing, authentication, encryption, and authorization. Furthermore, the Gii code generator supplied by this framework assists you in developing code for your purposes while saving you time.

  1. Laminas

The Laminas framework is an improved version of the Zend framework. It’s an object-oriented framework that supports inheritance in web applications.

Laminas was created to meet the dynamic demands of modern web development. When using the agile approach, includes all of the necessary functionality to construct end-to-end web applications.

This framework, like the others, adheres to the MVC design. The framework offers data encryption and session management, and it may easily be used in conjunction with other technologies.


Using a PHP framework streamlines the development process and reduces your effort. Each framework has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and they all differ in terms of community, documentation, and the databases they support.

As a result, deciding on the ideal framework to employ is dependent on aspects such as security, convenience of use, scalability, and documentation. Begin with comprehending the needs of the project or program you wish to create. Then, from this selection, select the most appropriate PHP framework.

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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