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Ukraine, in the full of War, Receives Donations in Digital Currency



The versatility of cryptocurrencies and the fact that they are decentralized financial instruments offer all the countries of the world help when crises loom.

Such is the case of the confrontation that Ukraine has been going through after the Russian repression. The financial sector is the most affected, where the entry and exit of monetary resources become complex. 

Ukraine’s experiences in financial contributions from different geographical points of the world are exciting because they have been made in digital currencies. you can go for crypto trading and investment by logging into Bitcoin Sprint.

Bitcoin has been the protagonist throughout this confrontation between Russia and Ukraine; millions of dollars have entered the country as aid due to its strong position against the Russian power.

How do donations in cryptocurrencies arise?

Cryptographic donations began in February 2022 after the request of the Ukrainian Government through its Twitter account; However, digital currencies have yet to have worldwide support and legality; they have been the bridge to keep the nation at the financial level.

Cryptocurrencies currently represent almost 85% of the currencies in current use in the country, where between 15 and 20% of the amount received from donations is being used for commercial operations.

These operations are carried out with establishments that accept cryptocurrencies as payment. According to statements by the same Deputy Minister of Ukraine, the amount that has entered the country for donations in Bitcoin is between 100 million dollars.

After donations, cryptocurrencies are legalized in Ukraine

After receiving military, economic, and financial support from various parts of the West of the world, Ukraine has been significantly favored by donations in cryptocurrencies, an issue that for many was impossible; digital currencies have been in charge of leading the financial aspect in Ukraine.

cryptocurrencies have been so great that the Ukrainian Government has found itself in the position of legalizing their use by creating the Law on Digital Assets

This law aims to create a legal market for the Exchange and management of various digital currencies, controlled and regulated by the National Securities Market Commission of Ukraine.

Through this new regulation, not only will the use and management of cryptocurrencies be allowed legally, but a door will also be opened for all those platforms of Exchange that, in many cases, have not been able to enter the digital financial market.

The options are multiple now that digital currencies are legal and benefits are obtained. All parties, users, and providers must comply with a series of requirements, where the funds used will be supervised and audited.

This legalization may allow cryptocurrencies to position themselves worldwide with greater confidence and transparency, these will be the future currencies, and they confirm this with increasing force.

The fact that this law enters into force requires certain modifications of the current rules in the Ukrainian country since they could generate incompatibilities between them since cryptocurrencies are such a new subject.

Transcending borders in the digital age

After the impact that cryptocurrencies achieved through the donation in favor of Ukraine, in a joint effort between two critical companies such as Everstake and FTX as a representative of cryptocurrency exchange platforms, they managed to create a web page to raise funds to help Ukraine.

On this website, you can find all the possible options to carry out any transaction favoring Ukraine, from official wallets to Exchanges.

Technological advances favor any contribution to humanity, from the security aspect to finance, for many cryptocurrencies will be the lifeline of many economies worldwide.

The funds raised from the donations will be used for the country’s recovery and, of course, the improvement of the Ukrainian armed forces; given all the cryptographic advances that this Western country has achieved, Russia is just a little behind.

Although the latter was against cryptocurrencies, it has been betting on the possible legalization of cryptocurrencies in the last year since they have not allowed a financial debacle due to the war between the two countries.


The impact and scope that cryptocurrencies have achieved are impressive since many bets on their failure, and they continue to demonstrate how useful they can be in any circumstance.

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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