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Why Betting Sites Have Withdrawal Limits?



Bookmakers provide their customers with the opportunity to bet on various sporting events. However, there may be some issues and limitations when it comes to withdrawing winnings.

They differ from platform to platform, so if you, for example, want to withdraw from Betika, read the Terms and Conditions of this service. This article will examine the restrictions on withdrawing money from a bookmaker and why they exist.

Basic Withdrawal Restrictions

Several types of restrictions may arise when withdrawing money from a bookmaker:

  • Limits on the maximum withdrawal amount. Some bookmakers set a maximum amount that can be withdrawn at one time.
  • The requirement to pass the identification. Bookmakers may ask you for additional information to verify your identity and prevent fraud.
  • Limits on the number of withdrawals per month. Some bookmakers may set a limit on the number of withdrawals per month.

The limits are often set so that ordinary users do not experience inconvenience, but fraudsters cannot quickly make a profit. Verification is also aimed at identifying underage users for whom betting is prohibited.

Causes of Restrictions

Bookmakers use the limits and restrictions of unverified users as protection against fraudulent activities. The fact is that unscrupulous people can cover up money laundering by betting. Such users usually make numerous bets and try to withdraw significant amounts at once. In addition, the system detects suspicious activity based on the following signs:

  • Hiding device characteristics.
  • Use of virtual machines and VPS.
  • Bets on limits (maximum amounts).
  • Many bets per day.
  • Repeated bets (with the same or very similar outcomes).
  • Bet on different sports in a short time.
  • Selecting only high odds.

Not every one of these signs means an immediate ban. Instead, they are red flags for the system, causing increased attention to the account. To detect fraudsters, bookmakers use a scoring anti-fraud system. It charges users fraud interest for each suspicious activity. The more interest accumulated, the higher the probability of getting a ban.

Anti-fraud was not invented by bookmakers and is used in many areas: banks, payment systems, mobile operators, poker rooms, and various exchanges. Nowadays, the level of digital security in Kenya overgrows, as well as the use of modern technologies and neural networks.

The system works automatically, and the bookmaker’s office employees only check the result’s correctness if the client complains to the support service. Also, the bookmaker manually checks the information on the fraud if the client has received an application for withdrawal of funds. According to the results of the check, four scenarios are possible:

  • The client will receive payment.
  • The client will receive a payment, but the system will lower the limits.
  • The bookmaker will suspend payments and require verification, such as showing documents via video link and answering questions.
  • The account will be blocked. The money will remain in the bookmaker’s office.

You have almost no chance of running into severe restrictions if you are a regular user. You often need to pass verification, after which you can withdraw the winnings.

How to Successfully Withdraw Money

Anti-fraud sees every step of the user, what he does, what he bet on, and where they came to the site. All this information is processed, and if the system detects signs of foul play, the client is put on a special list. Further actions depend on the policy of each bookmaker. 

But do not overthink about how to get around the system. Ordinary law-abiding users do not receive restrictions. Therefore, when withdrawing funds, you will only encounter the general limits and rules of the bookmaker.

There are several ways to help you bypass withdrawal restrictions:

  • Divide the withdrawal of winnings into several transactions. If the bookmaker has limits on the maximum withdrawal amount, you can split the amount into several operations.
  • Provide additional information. If the bookmaker requires additional information, you must provide it. This helps you get through the verification process faster and withdraw your winnings.
  • Contact support. If you have any problems with withdrawing money, you can contact the support service of the bookmaker. They can help you deal with the situation and solve the problem.

As you can see, all the security measures you may encounter do not cause significant inconvenience. Some Kenyan bookmakers require mandatory verification of all users. Others prescribe this procedure only when withdrawing a large amount or detecting suspicious activity. You can find the exact information in the Terms and Conditions of the specific platform.


Bookmakers set limits on the withdrawal of winnings to prevent fraud and protect customers’ interests. If you follow the rules and do not show suspicious activity, you will receive your winnings without problems. Most often, the limits are comfortable for ordinary users and do not cause inconvenience. Use the tips above to get your winnings faster and without problems. If the limits are too low for you, search for another betting platform with more favorable conditions.

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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