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Best Ways To Enrich Your Writing Skills And Techniques



Best Ways To Enrich Your Writing Skills And Techniques

In order to improve ourselves and acquire greater skills in a given field, we raise our qualifications, learn new things, or develop current skills. Writing is also a skill that you can improve.

The beginnings of writing for most people are more difficult if you do not have adequate experience. However, over time, writing an article consisting of, for example, a thousand words comes to us more and more easily.

For this purpose, will collected some really simple tips, but very effective. See how following a few rules will improve your writing skills.

Use Shorter Sentences.

When you write longer sentences, it becomes difficult for the reader to follow. Therefore, before publishing or submitting your blog / article / essay publication, review your work and identify long sentences and cut them out.

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Begin by breaking the sentences into a short time again using a period or a comma when necessary. Some sentences may sound good even when they are long, but these are exceptions, not the norm. Be sure to follow shorter sentences so that the content flows well.

Use The Active Voice.

One of the most common mistakes in writing is the excessive use of passive voice. Your writing becomes difficult to follow when the active voice is not used in writing. The result is that it will cost the reader to capture their points

Active voice increases readability. In fact, the most basic sentence structure in English is Subject-Verb-Object. Therefore, follow the same format.

Simplify The Complex Points.

If your points are complicated or difficult in any way, it becomes difficult to remember. Instead, reduce them into simple and memorable phrases that can be pasted.
Remember that your readers consume a large amount of information to which they are exposed every day, including those who seek to find “write my newspaper for me at low cost” services. Then, simplify the task for them by highlighting their points in a maxim (a brief statement that expresses a general truth) to avoid forgetting what they wrote.

Use Strong Words.

A good piece of writing is accurate and seasoned with the unexpected. Choosing the right verbs and adjectives can turn a boring sentence into a memorable date for many years.

When you want to write a blog post or any type of writing, look for words that are as specific as possible. It is veryunprofessional to repeat the same word over and over again, unless you want to build a rhythm.
Support What You Say.

Do not expose ordinary ideas without providing evidence. Don’t say something without an adequate argument to support your answer. Also, what evidence do you have that is true?

Indicate and explain the meaning behind your statement to allow readers to understand what you are talking about. It will also help them decide whether to agree with you or not.

Avoid The Use Of Clichés.

When homework becomes too difficult for the student to do, they end up seeking help from a trusted document writing service at the university. There are those who offer a good job, but some will disperse their role with many cliches.

Cliches are ideas or phrases that have been used quite frequently to the point that they have lost the impact they once had. When writing fiction or nonfiction stories, reduce the use of clichés to improve it.

It is also important to avoid clichés when you write about yourself. If you have to describe yourself, say you can communicate well with different people because you lived in seven different countries while growing up. This will send a clear message to your readers that you are a “person of people” without using lazy language.

Be Careful When Using Metaphors And Similes.

A good metaphor or simile is a good approach to give your writing that intense and impactful experience. However, the misuse of these two can make your writing weak and meaningless.

Similarly, excessive use of metaphors and similes may be a sufficient reason to show that you are not sure what you are writing and that you only rely on speech figures to clarify your thoughts and ideas. Like clichés, they can be ignored very quickly.

Avoid Generalizations.

A common mistake that most people make when writing are general generalizations. For example, an essay may highlight something like “In this era, people are more progressive than a hundred years ago.”

In this statement,there are many unproven assumptions, and there is no clear definition of important ideas as “progressive”.

If you are writing a university essay, a story, an admission essay or a dissertation, it is important to be more precise and specific. Avoid generalizations and strive to write universal statements to improve your writing. The same rule applies to creative writing.

Do not feel obligated to assume anything until you examine it completely. Unexamined thinking prevents you from being creative, and there is little chance of exploring some of the possibilities in real life.

Review And Edit Your Writings.

Editing is an essential part of writing. You have been writing that essay for weeks and you trust what you have written. Now is the time to review and edit your content thoroughly. You don’t want to write a good essay just to find out it’s mixed with spelling and grammar mistakes.

Before editing, let it sit for a day so you can relax first, then read it when your mind is fresh. When you’re done, give it to another reader to confirm it’s perfect. Your work will be much stronger and easier to read after editing.

Best Ways To Enrich Your Writing Skills And Techniques

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University of Ibadan Resumption Date for 200, 300, 400 level students announced



Canada 2020 - International Entrance Scholarship At University of Calgary

The University of Ibadan (UI) line with the directive of the State Government for all tertiary institutions to resume academic activities after the lockdown due to the spread of the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), the College Management has directed that all 300 level and 400 level students are to resume on Monday 14th September 2020 for academic activities.

You are to take note of the following;

  • 400 and 300 Level students are resuming on Monday 14th September 2020 for REVISION
  • 200 Level students are resuming a week later for REVISION
  • 400 and 300 Level students will commence the 2019/2020 academic session first-semester examination on Monday 21st September 2020
  • 200 Level students will commence the 2019/2020 academic session first-semester examination on Friday 25th September 2020
  • 100 Level students will be on the date of resumption at a later date.
  • Students that are resuming are to maintain social distancing at all times
  • All students are to appear with their individual face masks before admittance into the College premises
  • Students are also advised to make use of Hand Sanitizers at each entry point in the College Premises.
  • All Students must come with their identity cards and examination pass to the examination venues

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Federal Teachers Scheme (FTS) Recruitment 2020 Application Form Commenced



Federal Teachers Scheme Shortlist 2020

Applications are invited from eligible candidates for recruitment into the Federal Teachers’ Scheme (FTS) for 2020/2021 service period. The Federal Teachers’ Scheme (FTS) is a two-year intervention programme established by the Federal Government in 2006 to assist States in addressing teacher shortage at the basic education level.

ELIGIBILITY FTS Recruitment 2020

Only candidates who fulfill the following conditions need to apply for FTS Recruitment 2020

  1. Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Education or Bachelor degree with Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), of not lower than Second Class (Lower Division) and not earned earlier than 2014.
  2. Must have completed or been exempted from the NYSC Scheme.
  3. Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) with credit passes in Teaching Practice and the Teaching Subjects, and not earned earlier than 2014, with specialisation in any of the following subjects:

a. English Language

b. Mathematics

c. Integrated Science

d. Biology, Chemistry and Physics

e. Agricultural Science

f. Home Economics

g. Computer Science

h. Technical/Technology Education

i. Computer Science or Information Technology

j. Nigerian Languages

k. Physical and Health Education

iv) Not more than 35 years of age.

v) Not currently employed or enrolled under the NYSC, N-Power or any similar programme.


The service period is for two (2) years or as may be determined by the Universal Basic Education Commission.


The Federal Government shall pay each participant an allowance of N30,000.00 per month.


Application Form shall be completed online. Interested candidates who fulfil the above-listed eligibility criteria should visit https://fts.admissions.clouds to complete and submit their application Forms online. Candidates will be required to upload their credentials (as listed on the site) together with their most recent passport photograph.

Federal Teachers Scheme Recruitment 2020 application portal shall be open for two (2) weeks, from 10th – 24th September 2020. There will be no extension.


All enquiries relating to the online application should be directed to: and +2347036662931.


Shortlisted candidates will be required to sit for a Computer-Based Test as scheduled below:

Date: Saturday, 10th October, 2020

Venue: At designated CBT Centres in each State Capital (Information on this will be provided by the State Universal Basic Education Boards (SUBEBs) and UBEC Zonal and State Offices).

Time: 9.00 am

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Nigeria Police Academy Mock Exam Date 2020 Release



Nigeria Police Academy Mock Exam Date 2020 Release

We are pleased to inform the general public, especially those who applied for the Nigeria Police Academy that the Institute has formally released a Mock examination to those who are interested. This will enable aspiring candidates to understand the basics and way at which the main examination is prepared.

We strongly advise all those who registered for the Nigeria Police Academy to seat for this exam, this will surely give you an edge and prepared you ahead of the main exam coming.

Nigeria Police Academy Mock Examination Date 2020

This is to inform Candidates who applied for the 8th Regular Course intake that the Selection Examination is slated for Thursday 17th September 2020. In addition, the Selection Examination would be Computer Based Test (CBT) as already been indicated in our advert for the sales of online application forms.

However, prior to the examination, there would be Mock examination on Monday 14th September 2020 at FCT, Abuja and Lagos Centres. Interested Candidates who wish to register should Click the Link “APPLY FOR MOCK EXAM” to register their Examination Number between Sunday 30th August and Thursday 7th September 2020.



How to Apply For Nigeria Police Academy Mock Examination 2020

  • Go to
  • Click on “Apply for CBT Based Mock Examination”
  • Enter your examination number on your exam card in the filed provided
  • Click on “Apply for CBT Mock”


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