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Difference Between Fiat Money And Bitcoin



Difference Between Fiat Money And Bitcoin

People around the world are adopting cashless technology to make their payment, and you can find various mode of transacions available on online shops. You can use your fiat currency to buy goods and services, but you need to use your debit card, credit card or bank account to make such online transactions.

Bitcoin has made such things simple and you can use your digital crypto wallet to make such transactions from any corner of the world. But, you cannot carry BTC and other cryptos physically because these are the digital currencies and there is no physical form available for such coins and tokens, visit here

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Fiat money and cryptocurrency share plenty of differences and similarities; let’s dig into them.

  • Concept-Fiat money is the currency available in the form of paper money and you can use your bank accounts, e-wallets, etc. to use your fiat currency online. Contrarily, the digital currency has features like encryption, decentralization, and no physical form. One may see fiat money through means like coins and notes. But, digital currency is intangible and does not have that feeling of touch.
  • Intermediaries-All notes and coins except Rupee 1 are issued by the central authority which is the RBI or Reserve Bank of India. The Ministry of Finance issues Rupee 1. Also, intermediaries are mandatory for the exchange of fiat money. However, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin work on blockchain technology without any requirement of intermediaries at any level.
  • Unit types- Everybody would have known at least one fiat currency, which usually belongs to their home country. For example, India has its fiat currency expressed in INR or Indian Rupee. The dollar, Euro, Pound, and Baht, are some of the most popular foreign fiat currencies. Crypto is currently known to be Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), altcoins, meme coins, and so on. You can use your fiat currency to buy such digital assets, but you cannot use your BTC or cryptos to buy fiat currency, as it is not a legal tender. 
  • Legality- Fiat currency is in existence for a very long time; it is officially recognized by all governments in the world. On the other hand, digital currencies like BTC, ETH, etc. are yet to receive the status of legal tender by the majority of countries. El Salvador is the first country to accept crypto legally. However, companies and people are using crypto at personal levels actively. 
  • Supply-The supply of fiat money depends upon the official regulations that may publish new notes and introduce new coins if felt necessary, and this may however lead to inflation. So, one may say that the supply of fiat money is limitless. But, all cryptocurrencies are limited in number, no central aauthority like bank or government can control or mine such currencies for their interest.  
  • Storage- One can choose several ways to store fiat money; cash in hand, cash in a wallet, money in bank accounts, and money in e-wallets. Since it is tangible, there are many ways to store it. But, when it comes to crypto, you will only have to store them in digital wallets because of their intangible feature.
  • Working- The primary difference lies in the working of fiat and digital currency. Fiat money is issued by the official authorities and supplied to the market in a centralized working system. Digital currency stands contrary for being decentralized where no single individual an control such currencies.

It is essential to stay updated with information about the latest news, prevailing advancements, and futuristic solutions. Knowledge is the power that can help you in making wise decisions about finance, investment, and so on. So, you should read more about hot topics like cryptocurrency, and bitcoin, and more on reliable channels.

Conclusion: Both fiat money and digital currency like Bitcoin are used as a medium of exchange. Fiat money is undoubtedly available as a legally recognized tender for several ages now. However, people are actively using Bitcoin also nowadays to buy commodities and enjoy experiences. With El Salvador giving cryptocurrency or digital money a legal status, the expectation is that more and more nations will also give the same official recognition. Everybody has undergone the change from the barter system to fiat money, and it is probably now time to move to digital currency from fiat currency.

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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