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How College Students Can Avoid Plagiarism While Writing their Assignments?



How College Students Can Avoid Plagiarism While Writing their Assignments?


When you are working on a paper, it is very important to avoid plagiarism. If you have ever been accused of plagiarism, then you know how difficult it can be to prove your innocence and prove that what you wrote was original work.

College life and academic assignments

College life is fun, but unfortunately academic assignments eat up your fun time. It’s a simple fact that students have to write papers in college and they have to do it well to secure good grades and repo in the eyes of the teachers. They also have to read and check them again and again, too!

College students often find themselves getting caught up in the stress of writing an assignment or paper that they feel like they can’t get right on time. This can cause them to plagiarize their work or copy another person’s ideas without giving that person some credit where it’s due.

Writing Assignments is tiring task for students

Writing assignments is a skill that needs to be developed. Students need to learn how to write assignments, and the best way for them is by getting help from teachers or other relevant staff members in their campus. The most important thing about writing assignments is that it takes time, effort and patience which all students lack.

Writing an assignment can be very tedious when you are not fully aware of what you are supposed to do and how long it will take for you as well as your teacher expects you to complete our task within given period of time only because there are many factors involved in this process including deadlines etc. So if your goal is just getting good grades at any cost then don’t worry because I’m sure there will be something better than those grades coming up soon enough!

Write your own papers from scratch

Writing your own papers based on your own facts and findings is a great way to avoid plagiarism. This method allows you to write from scratch and make sure that your paper reflects the best of your knowledge, research and writing skills. However, if you want to use other people’s ideas while writing your own essay or dissertation then it is important that you check for plagiarism using online Plagiarism checking tools before submission of your paper so as not to get caught out by others who have already published their work in journals or magazines.

Use proper referencing style

Referencing is the process of citing sources in a research paper or academic essay. The referencing style should be used according to the guidelines set by different organizations and institutions. For example, if you’re writing a research paper on Shakespeare’s plays, then your references should use MLA format (Modern Language Association). In this case, there are two parts to your reference list:

  • The first part consists of author names;
  • The second part consists of publication years for books and articles that were written before 1900;

Make sure to use quotation marks

Quotation marks are just like parentheses. They enclose text that is quoted or paraphrased. You should use quotation marks around direct quotes, paraphrased quotes and titles of books, articles, movies and songs. Quotation marks can be used to create emphasis on certain words in your writing by surrounding them with a pair of commas or dashes (but not both).

To make sure you’re using correct quotation marks:

Do not use copied phrases as they are

  • Do not use copied phrases as they are.
  • The author of the paper should be mentioned in the footnote section.
  • The title of your paper should be original and unique, so that it can be used by other students while writing their assignments on plagiarism avoidance techniques.

Avoid direct quotes

As you are writing your assignments, it is important to avoid plagiarism. One way to avoid plagiarism is by avoiding direct quotes. Instead of copying the words of others, paraphrase them and use your own voice when quoting someone else’s work. Another way that you can avoid plagiarizing another person’s work is by using quotations sparingly and sparingly using direct quotations in your own writing. Also remember not to copy exactly what someone else has written; instead write about what they say in a different way than how they wrote it down so that no one will think that you have copied their idea without giving credit where credit is due!

Another thing that college students should keep in mind when trying their best at avoiding plagiarism while writing an assignment is making sure not to copy directly from sources without giving proper attribution as well as giving proper citation information at the end of each paragraph where appropriate (this includes footnotes).

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Assignments

Preventing plagiarism in assignments is crucial for maintaining academic integrity. To achieve this, students can follow a few essential steps. Firstly, citing sources accurately is vital. Properly acknowledging the origin of ideas and information through citations helps avoid plagiarism. Secondly the paraphrase tool is a valuable asset for creating distinctive assignments. By rewording text while maintaining its core ideas, the tool thwarts plagiarism and encourages a deeper grasp of the subject. By combining these strategies, students ensure their work is original and respects the intellectual property of others.

Check for Plagiarism before Submission of Your Paper

If you are writing a paper, it is important that you check for plagiarism before submission. This will help you avoid any penalties. There are several websites which can be used as plagiarism checkers and detectors:

  • [Check plagiarism]
  • [Grammarly] 
  • [Turnitin] 
  • The most important thing that you need to keep in mind about avoiding plagiarism is that you should never intentionally take someone else’s work and use it without their consent.

To avoid plagiarism, you should always make sure that your words are original. If you find yourself having trouble writing an essay or paper on time, try to get help from a professional writer who can help improve your work by giving suggestions on how to improve it before submitting it.


In conclusion, the best way to avoid plagiarism while writing your college assignments is by taking care of these four things: reference style, proper quoting, engulfing direct quotes with quotation marks and check for plagiarism before submission. If you do not follow these steps, then your paper will be rejected and this may lead to punishment or even loss of scholarship as well.

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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