How To Calculate CGPA Cumulative Grade Point Average

How To Calculate CGPA: This is popularly known as Cumulative Grade Point Average, which is officially used by universities and polytechnic to calculate their total grade in academics.


However, most students find it confusing to calculate their CGPA not to talk of their present semester GP. in this article, we will be discussing how to calculate your CGPA and alongside your GP.

Before we begin, CGPA and GP are two different things entirely, GP which stands for Grade Point only calculates your present semester exams. while your CGPA which stands for Cumulative Grade Point is calculated from your previous semester down to your present semester.

Your CGPA is calculated by dividing the sum of the grade points earned by the entire credit value of courses you’ve got attempted.

Let list out the score and grading system:

  • 70% – A point 5
  • 60% – B point 4
  • 50% – C point 3
  • 30% – D point 2

For instance; assuming the Acc202 unit course is 3 and you have an A in the course, then your calculation would look like this;

5 x 3 = 15; that is the unit course x the grade. further examples will be itemized below

CourseGradePoint UnitsPxUTotal
Acc101 7053 5×315
GST 11130232×36
Eco 11130222×24
Bus 1117052 5×210
   15 51

 51/15 = 3.4 GP

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