How to Make Money with Opera News 2020 (Opera News Hub)

How to make money with Opera News 2020 is an in-depth article I will like you to carefully read through as this will not just put some cash in your bank account, but will also give you the ability to start-up a better career online. 

Opera is a freeware web browser for Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux operating systems, developed by Opera Software, Every day you get to see a lot of articles being published on Opera Newsfeed.

How to make money with Opera News Hub Creator

These articles are updated by publishers, and these publishers get paid on a monthly basis. Furthermore, it will interest you to know that Opera has launched another program called opera news hub creator, The Opera News Hub creator allows publishers to update articles in the Opera Newsfeed without having to own a blog or a website.

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Similarly, the opera news hub creator is a microblogging platform that connects thought leaders and content creators from a wide variety of interest categories with an active audience of over 163 million users and rewards engagement with revenue exposure.

How to Create Opera News Hub Creator Account 2020

  • Visit the website via (Ads)
  • Use
  • Login using your Facebook account
  • Wait for approval from Opera Admin
  • After Approval, click “Create” to add a new article
  • Hit the submit button and wait for your article to be approved.

Note: Only the original author of the articles can get the income generated by the articles. In cases of copyright violations, the original author can defend the reprint by claiming rights.

How to Make Money with Opera News 2020

You can make money with Opera News platform by subsequently updating articles on the ONHC Platform. After creating and publishing your first article on the opera News Hub platform, I suggest you don’t relent or relax as there are a lot of competitors in the Opera News Hub Creator Platform

Your effort, determines your yield, if you published one article and you were able to realize $5, wouldn’t it be fine if your publish 10 articles so you can make $5 x 10 articles to give you a whopping sum of $50? Oh! that nice, this means the more article you published, the more income you make. 

Making money from Opera News 2020 is not a daunting task, it is as easy as A-B-C, keep reading this article to see all you need to get succeed.

Below are the four (4) easy steps to get started with making money with Opera News Hub Creator Platform.

  1. Visit 
  2. create Account
  3. Create a Post
  4. Start Earning

For Easy Steps on how to make money with Opera News 2020 creator platform

As a matter of fact, you have to monitor the performance of your posts. Track your earnings. Make withdrawals. It’s all very simple!

The Secret to Succeed with Opera News 2020 Hub Creator Platform

To earn more with Opera News Hub, you must post at least six articles monthly, this will enable you to earn a fixed recurring amount of revenue.

You can also make money with Opera News 2020 when your articles reach a larger audience and when your articles perform very well. So, write intriguing articles and avoid copy and paste.

Watch the introductory video below on how to make money with Opera News 2020 Hub Creator Platform.

Opera Winner for the month of November 2018
Opera Winner for the month of November 2018

Adding a Site to Opera News Feed

You must have seen lots of articles daily published on Opera Newsfeed, some of these articles are RSS feed aggregators gotten from external sources. 

If you are a fan of you must have come across SearchNGR on opera news, this articles didn’t come there by chance, it took a lot of great effort to include it on Opera News Feed.

How to Add Your Website/Blog in Opera News Feed 2020 Updated

  • Make sure your site is AMP configured
  • Publish great articles on your website with 70% originality 
  • Generate at least 500 – 1,000 daily traffic from other sources
  • Write to Opera News Admin Team via
  • Wait for their response and your site is on its way to being added to opera news 2020 edition.


How to make money with Opera News 2020 Hub Creator, is as easy as the steps stated above. Kindly follow strictly with the instructions conveyed in this article and you will be on your way of just becoming the next testifier.

Finally, if you have any questions, contribution or suggestion regarding Opera News Hub Creator Platform, or adding your website or blog to Opera News Feed, kindly use the comment box below to reach us or send us a mail via our team will get in touch you in a jiffy.

134 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Opera News 2020 (Opera News Hub)

  1. Hello Bernard Bassey,

    Do you know about this issues that articles stays unattended to for more than 10 to 11 hours? when publish it will hardly get impression or clicks. If there is a problem aside coronavirus, kindly let me know.

    I await your swift response.

    1. Hello Ndubuisi,

      It is important to note that there are currently more than 500,000 publishers working with Opera News Hub Creator platform and as such the competition is very high. For you to get our article approved fast, you need to practice good journalism and make sure your article is of good and unique quality content, make your headlines easy to understand and try not to span inline content. Have a great day!

  2. Just registered on Thursday and My first article was on Saturday. Although it was rejected because the heading was capital lock. I corrected it and posted again in less than 4hrs My post hard 39.7k view and 3.9k clicks. Please I want to know if I can share the post to other social media platforms.

  3. Am registered as news creator on opera news hub. I have published 11 articles so far and I have four articles which each has reached over 11k clicks and am yet receive any payment from opera news. What could be the problem please?

  4. Don’t know how to create this ….can anyone pls chat me up on whatsapp 08029548723. 🙏🙏have tried to create opera news hub severally but didn’t get it pls help a brother

  5. Am here on this Opera need hub 3 days ago, I have more than 10,000 click and 700 followers…. I want to know how you calculate your amount to pay into my account and when will you deposit money to my wallet account and how much I worth will all 10k clicks and 700 followers…. Please tell me

  6. Lol, I’m seeing a lot of questions on here. You guys should just chill for the system, and follow the process.
    My question is, how many likes do you have to attain, before opera news hub gets to pay you, or how do they calculate the earnings? Thank you

  7. I almost found this impossible to believe ,I just sent an article for publication a few hours ago only for opera to reject it on the basis that it is out of date. A story that was monitored on BBC Yoruba service less than two days ago and on prominent news dailies? I hope they do their findings properly before deciding on articles otherwise people may begin to question their integrity and credibility.

  8. I joined this month and I have published 14 article, have mor than 500 clicks. Please when and how do they pay because the information am seen here shows that they don’t pay. Please do they really pay?

  9. I started few days ago and already have 3 articles published but I’m just learning of the Opay account and link and I just want to open the Opay account now. can I still get earning for those already published articles?

          1. Hello Ndubuisi,


            Your accumulated earnings for 30 days are reserved until 15th of the proceeding month for payment. Can you tell us how long you’ve been using Opera News Hub Creator Platform?

          2. I have been using Opera News Hub since 13th December 2019, so if all you people have been saying since the start is true, we will see testimony from old user’s. Till now non have testify of receiving payment from your platform.

  10. I appreciate all your efforts, please i just want to find out when does actually opera news hub pay, and again i didn’t fill my ID Number because no provision for editing it would it cause any issue? i started since December 13th 2019 and i was told that around on the 15th of jan. that’s when i will be receiving payment, but till now i haven’t received any payment. please how do i go about it. thanks once again.

  11. Thanks for the article, pls I want to know if after posting your second article will they stop spreading your first article to readers, this is because at the same day the second article i posted is getting clicks and the first one seems like it stop, does posting new articles affect the formal ones?

  12. Good morning, I was eager to become a publisher but unfortunately I was meant to fill my opay account of which I don’t have and I skipped it and started publishing. I have published 4news so far. My point is that I have an opay account now how can I link up the account back. Thanks

  13. My post was undergoing the test online process when it got rejected. They said due to infringement. I was surprised, so I decided to search for the article. You won’t believe somebody else posted what I posted for 14 hours under 3 hours and they accepted it and rejected mine. Pictures for pictures and words for words.
    What can I do?

  14. My post was undergoing the test online process when it got rejected. They said due to infringement. I was surprised, so I decided to search for the article. You won’t believe somebody else posted what I posted for 14 hours under 3 hours and they accepted it and rejected mine. Pictures for pictures and words for words.
    What can I do?

  15. Thanks for sharing this. I still have problem with opay. Are we to install opay app from store and register on it. Or visit opay website for registration. I did the opay registration via website and I can see the registration is base on becoming an agent. After the registration, they said I should provide some documents and they will call me for it. Am yet to receive their call since 3 weeks now

    1. Maliq you have to download Opay app from google play store, after installation, follow the on-screen instruction to complete your registration. Once done, your mobile number becomes your Opay account number. The Opay Wallet serves as a virtual bank account for receiving funds from organizations and individuals.

  16. How can I link a bank account to receive payment from click on Opera News. I have over 300k clicks from 4 post made in the last 3 days and have not received any payment. Please reply. Thank you

    1. The last mail i sent to one of their staff. This was the reply

      “You email is very well received. Kindly note that payments are usually made on/before 15th of every month.”

      Thank you.

      Kindly let me know when you registered

  17. 1. How much do they pay per article?

    2. How do I know my article has been paid for? Because it’s just writing “Test online” ever since.

    3. You said they pay ₦360 per 10k views, how do I know how many viewed it? What happens to my money if the article doesn’t gather up to 10k views?

  18. Good morning
    I have joined the opera news hub and even created one article but I do I know how much is my present earning and how do I link my opay account with it though I opened it when registering for opera news

  19. Please how do I link my opay account to my OPERA NEWS HUB registration as it is the stage of registration which I am currently.
    I already have opay account long before now but I don’t know how to link it up.
    Please help out.

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