Get 900MB FREE on MTN (Please Follow Instructions Carefully)

Hello everyone, today I have going to unveil yet again another way to get free Data from MTN.

This method is not coming from MTN, it is a method discovered to add value to our data bundle.

How To Activate And Migrate To IGB For 200 Naira Data

If at the end of this post, you still don’t understand, kindly visit to make a comment, Comments made on Opera may not be responded to.

Kindly note that this cheat is only made for MTN users only. It’s a trick but really works for every customer.

Kindly follow these procedures below to get free 200MB data. Don’t throw in comments if you have not tested it.

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  1. You need to have myMTN App but if you don’t have, it’s available for download on play store.
  2. Log in to myMTN App using your phone number, you’ll receive an OTP to confirm it is you phone no.
  3. After logging in, you will see ‘invite and get free data‘ tap on it.
  4. Write any MTN number you know and have access to it e.g your friend or even yours. After writing the number, tap on the invite button.
  5. A message will be sent to the number that you wrote. Thereafter, log out of myMTN app, the option is in the menu tab.
  6. After logging out, go to the settings of your phone and go to applications, tap on myMTN app, clear the cache and data, then go back to my MTN app and log in with the phone number which you had invited before.
  7. A message will be sent to the phone number then write the code (6 digits) and wait for it to log in.
  8. You will shortly receive 200mb of data and 500mb will be sent to the other phone numbers number. That’s a Whooping 900MB for FREE

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If you are confused or you have questions please comment and I’ll guide you. All comments should be made on my blog, in case you are seeing this on Opera platform just search for SEARCHNGR on google or click here

41 thoughts on “Get 900MB FREE on MTN (Please Follow Instructions Carefully)

  1. I think it may be easy for some of us when you set up to use code like exp *1234567890# to benefit with free bundles instead of the long and uneasy method seen above. Because I have tried and failed. Thank you.

        1. Log out from the App, go to your phone settings, navigate to the app and locate myMTN app. Touch on it and clear caches, then repeat the above instructions.

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