NYIF 2021 Loan Business Plan Process Begins

If you are among those who applied for the NYIF 2021 Scheme (Nigeria Youth Investment Fund) and participated in the online training, kindly follow the link below to upload your ‘Business Plan’. It’s your business plan that will determine if the fund will be given to you.


How to upload NYIF loan Business Plan:

Kindly note that qualification for the fund will be determined by your business plan. To upload your business plan to the NYIF portal, visit https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/app, log in with your details, and then upload your business plan. The file extension for your business plan should be in PDF.

The ministry has changed the process of application to the following 3 basic steps:

Registration and uploading of the business plan.
Unlike how it is before, now, It is after your business plan upload you’ll be invited for training if your business plan is worthy of funding. For further question regarding the NYIF Loan, kindly reply using the comment box below.

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