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Paarl Rocks Cricket Franchise Renamed to GBets Rock




In the latest development, the Paarl Rocks Cricket franchise has been renamed Gbets Rock following the acquisition of the team with Gbets. Let us learn more in this article.

Gbets Signs Partnership With Paarl Rocks Cricket Franchise

As a part of its expansion plans, Gbets have signed a collaboration deal with the Paarl Rocks Cricket team. The Gbets Rocks brand, which was a sports betting division of Goldrush Gaming Group, has been renamed to the New Rocks franchise immediately after the announcement of this collaboration.

Paarl Rocks Cricket Franchise Renamed ToGBets Rock.

An exclusive naming rights agreement has been signed by Cricket Bolan for its men’s cricket
team. Additionally, the implementation of the collaboration has been done almost

Hailing from South Africa’s Western Cape province, the Boland Rocks is a world-class
cricket franchise. While the team is filled to the brim with both former and current famous
South African cricketers, you will also find upcoming and new players who are very well on
their way to becoming well-known names in their own rights.

President of the Boland Rocks, Angelo Carolissen, is excited and ecstatic to have the Gbets
onboard and has stated that the team will maintain its ‘The Rocks’ as an official name for the
the team across all formats of the game; this is based on the success the team has had as Paarl
Rocks in recent years.

He has also mentioned that the team is more than glad to welcome Gbets to the team, which is why the team will be called Gbets Rocks post the collaboration.

The company’s Director of Sales and Marketing, William Reyneke, has added that it is quite an easy decision for Gbets South Africa to sponsor the Paarl-based side. Gbets is proud of its high achievements through ethics and motivation. Both brands are known for being on-point, growing aggressively, and having great attitudes, which are important factors when it comes to expanding their businesses and resonate very strongly as well.

In fact, Willian Reyneke has stated that the cricket team’s success has now increased since they are now joined by a champion team that shares the same vision for victory and success.

Gbets Rocks

James Fortuin, the CEO of Cricket Boland, has echoed these sentiments and states that the
most outstanding moment in the history of the franchise is the sponsorship by Gbets. With the
help of the support offered by Gbet, James Fortuin’s team now hopes to achieve the goal of
becoming one of the most dominant teams in South Africa’s new domestic league structure.

Additionally, the recent success of Paarl Rocks has allowed the company to improve its
relationships with its national and international fans by participating in various more events.
James maintains that Gbets has made the right bet: Gbets Rocks and Cricket Boland.

According to Reneke, this collaboration is nothing short of success at the heart of the partnership. Both brands have prioritized the loyalty of their respective customers and

What’s New?

Additionally, it also implies that some well-known names from Gbets will be sporting the iconic purple and gold jersey. They also believe that the team’s name, Gbets Rocks, is appropriate for both teams and represents a winning attitude. Reneke has also mentioned that its success will be at the heart of the partnership.

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