Join to Benefits from SearchNGR FREE Data Network Program Get Between 1GB – 10GB

Welcome to SearchNGR Free Data Network Program, the only program that pays you DATA weekly for reading news articles. This program was initiated in other to help Nigerians reduce the cost of Data purchase. 

Join to Benefits from SearchNGR Data Network Program

You earn DATA as you carry out activities on the website and payout is every Friday. I’m almost certain that this program will solve the problem of DATA for you and your loved ones. Take part today and be part of our story.

Our Mission

On you are sure of getting between “1GB – 10GB” weekly if you decide to take the action step today. We guarantee of 100% sure service, and that we hold unto till now. Our mission is to help reduce the cost of data purchases by our users, thereby giving out as much data bundle as possible to all registered users.

Take part today and be free from data purchase for life, its convenience, sustainable and reliable.

How it works

Get Free Data to any Nigeria Network of your choice at your own convenience.

Welcome to SearchNGR Free Data Network Program, The only site in Nigeria that shares data to people for just reading news article. We give out free data to our readers on a weekly basis just by reading news on SearchNGR. You are sure of making up-to 10GB weekly when you choose to join our program.

How to Get Free Data

With SearchNGR Free Data Network Program, the participant earns DATA base on activities performed on this site daily; activities such as daily login, reading news, posting an article, linking a post and sharing our post on social media.

With SearchNGR referral program you are sure of getting a whopping 500MB when the person you referred successfully registers on our site. Your account is automatically credited once your referral registered. If you refer 10 people daily to join SearchNGR Free Data Network Program you are sure of making 500MB X 10. That’s a WHOOPING 2500MB (2.5GB) daily.

Who can participate in SearchNGR Free Data Network Program?
Virtually anyone can participate as long as you are browsing with your phone or PC, as long as you need data to get connected, as long as you deserve free data network access to keep you through the month.

Break Down of SearchNGR Free Data Network Program

  • Referral  500MB
  • Active Daily Login  10MB
  • Publishing an article  50MB
  • Share Sponsored Post Daily  50MB
  • Comment  2MB
  • Like Post  1MB
  • Read News  5MB

Why you should join?

Take advantage of this program today, your data will never get exhausted, it a program that intends to keep you always online and never get hooked up while browsing or chatting with your relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Click here to Join 

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