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3 Business Ideas You Can Start with Your COVID-19 Loan (No 2 will Surprise You)



CBN Covid-19 Loan Repayment: Applicants to the N50 billion credit facility, who have successfully completed the application processes and submitted their account details, should expect credit alerts 48 hours afterwards - CBN

It a good thing that the CBN in collaboration with NIRSAL bank has made every effort to disburse fund in a transparent and friendly ecosystem.

I think it’s high time we give them thumbs up for the good work they are doing. The Loan application is still ongoing and interested applicants can still apply.

The Official Website of CBN COVID 19 Loan is

In this article, We would be discussing 3 business ideas you can start with COVID 19 Loan, this will enable you to prepare ahead and enable you to pay on time to build trust.

Below are 3 Business Ideas you can start with CBN COVID-19 LOAN 

Small Scale Farming

The agricultural sector is currently the largest employer of labour in Nigeria and most of the labour is unskilled and self-employed. This means you too can become the boss of your own in the industry.

Small agricultural businesses require small capital to start up if you factor in the amount of money you may make if you maintain the business.

Most of the needed inputs are land, water and the viable breeds (crops and animals). You can start this business as a sole-proprietor and then grown into a Limited Liability Company.

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Opportunities that abound in this sector are almost endless. Here are a few below:

  1. Poultry farming
  2. Fishery farming
  3. Snail rearing
  4. Pig rearing
  5. Livestock rearing and feed production
  6. Rice Milling
  7. Cassava processing
  8. Palm oil processing

Sports betting

Sports betting is definitely making a windfall in Africa especially as it lacks laws on betting.

The widespread use of mobile phones and increase access to the internet has reduced the barriers to enter this 315 million strong African market with a growing appetite for sports betting.

With a minimum of 100,000 nairas, you are good to enter into this multi-billion naira industry. However, the risk in sports betting cannot be overemphasized. Do that at your own peril!

Sale of soft Drinks

People drink a lot which makes the demand for any type of drink high. We see drinks every whereas people consume it a lot. It is taken to “cool off” especially when it is cold and people are relaxing, it is taken when people want to eat and do not necessarily want to have water. Generally, people take drinks a lot which makes the business a good one to start.

Also with drinks, it is open to everyone as there are drinks for children and adults depending on what they will like to take.

A lot of events take place on a daily basis. For example in Nigeria, people are fun-loving and like to celebrate a lot and like marking a milestone achieved.

For this reason, we have a lot of events taking place in a lot of places around the country on a regular basis. We see events like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, anniversaries, graduation parties, engagement parties and lots more where people celebrate a lot.

If you have any question regarding the CBN COVID 19 LOAN kindly leave a comment on our blog and a team will reply to you in a short while, if you are making a comment on Opera, we may not be able to reply. COMMENT HERE

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